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Television has come a long way in a very short space of time. It was only a few years ago when glass screened TVs were all the rage! Since then, most homes have flat screen TVs, thanks to the technology becoming more and more affordable. In addition to this, our TVs are getting smarter, sharper, and more energy-efficient.

Best 24 Inch TV 2022: Our Rating = 91%

But what else should you be considering when buying a 24 inch TV?
A 24 inch TV is a good size television set for most bedrooms. While lounges and living rooms will generally benefit from bigger models – such as those sizing up at 32 inches or more – you’re going to want to reserve smaller screens for smaller spaces.

Best Cheap 24 Inch TV 2022

24 inch TVs are incredibly affordable, and are more versatile nowadays than you may assume. But again – what should you look for in the perfect model?

In this guide, we’ll help you find out. We’ll take a look at all the basics you need to know, and will help you consider the best choices for your needs and lifestyle. We’ll also answer a few common queries at the end of the guide to help you on your way.

Most Popular 24 Inch TV 2022

24 Inch Televisions: A Buyer’s Guide For 2022

24 inch TVs are very popular with people who prefer smaller screens – that much should be obvious! They are the perfect fit for smaller spaces, meaning that if you’d like to set up a television in the bedroom, in your study or in your kitchen, this is generally the best size you should be looking for.

People with smaller living rooms or who want to save money on the technology will also look for 24 inch models as they still offer fantastic quality pictures, sound and longevity. Of course, you’re also going to need to look for a brand that you recognise, and one which is generally well-trusted!

Things To Consider

As one of the most common pieces of technology in the home, you may already be au fait with some of the ins and outs of TV buying. However, it still makes sense to have a good idea of what you’re looking for before you start putting any money down. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider, including the various types of TV you can buy in 24 glorious inches.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are all the rage. If you want to boot up your TV and start watching Netflix, BBV iPlayer, Amazon Prime or NOW TV from the word go, you’ll do best looking for a system with all of this smart functionality built-in.

Strictly speaking, smart TVs are those televisions which can connect to the internet. This means you’ll also be able to download apps and games to use, such as Spotify, radio channels and more besides. It’s the new standard!

1080p and 4K

Not so long ago, 1080p was the golden standard for picture quality. However, it’s more commonplace nowadays than you might think! It’s been usurped by the fantastic 4K, which offers you thousands of wonderful pixels for that epic picture quality.

Some bigger TVs even go as high as 8K, however, a 24 inch TV with 4K visuals is going to be well worth the money. If picture quality doesn’t matter that much to you, do at least find a TV with HDMI ports. Some TVs are referred to as ‘HD Ready’, which doesn’t actually mean they offer full HD as standard. It’s worth keeping in mind!

Freeview TVs

If you just want simple access to the basic range of UK TV channels, you should consider finding a 24 inch TV which supports Freeview.

This free (of course) TV service will offer you a variety of channels that you can tune in with a simple aerial. It might save you money on paying out for a Sky or Virgin Media subscription.

Speakers and Sound Quality

Always check the quality of speakers on a 24 inch TV before you buy. Some flashier models might offer you surround sound, which means you get a genuine cinematic experience. However, for those who are less worried about cinematic sound, it is still worth reading up on what verified buyers have to say.

With some smaller TVs, such as those with 24 inch screens, there isn’t much room for advanced sound technology. In which case, be prepared to plug in some external speakers if you want access to beefier sound.

Ports and Functionality

Most flat screen TVs, if not all, will have HDMI ports at the back of their units. This has quickly become the standard for most devices, meaning that if you are plugging in a games console, a DVD player or a set-top box, you’ll likely need this type of connection.

Aim for a TV with two or three ports for ease of use. For older technology, such as video players and older games consoles, you’ll need a TV with a SCART connector. These are less common nowadays, but no completely unheard of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s consider some common queries you might ask while shopping around.

How Much Should I Pay for a 24 Inch TV?

This can depend on the technology you get. Smart TVs, for example, are likely to cost you more up front, as are those with 4K technology and surround sound. However, you can find a reputable 24 inch TV set for less than £100, if you just want the basics.

Do I Really Need 4K?

That depends. 4K is the modern standard when it comes to high quality video. However, if you’re not too worried, 1080p, and even 1080i, still offer fantastic quality entertainment on a smaller screen. It’s up to you!

Can 24 Inch TVs Be Wall-Mounted?

In most cases, yes, but do make sure you check. Wall-mounting a TV will involve a very delicate procedure of using a bracket and making sure your wall can physically support the weight – if you’re unsure of how to mount your TV, always ask an installer or expert to help you.


Yes – TVs come in all shapes and sizes these days, with various bells and whistles. However, 24 inches is normally more than enough for TV watchers across the home. Take a look at what buyers have to say, and shop around!