Get A Six-Pack With These Ab Toning Belts

Getting rid of abdominal fat and toning up those core muscles can take a lot of time and effort.

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Ab Toning Belt Buying Guide For 2022

While there is nothing better than regular crunching and associated exercise, many people take their ab game even further and invest in toning belts and wraps.

These can help to refine your muscles even further, and may even help you reach your dream six-pack even sooner than you think. However, there are plenty of models and brands out there, and it can be difficult to find a choice that is right for your specific needs and budget. Some people aren’t even sure that ab toners are right for them!

In this buying guide, we will be considering all of the major points you need to consider when shopping around for an ab toner for the first time. This isn’t a purchase you are going to make every day, so do be sure to find an option which is comfortable, functional and which does exactly what you expect from it.

If you’ve already done a little bit of shopping, you may have seen that some ab toners can cost a lot of money – is it really worth the investment?

That’s what we’re here for – to find out! Let’s break down the essentials of every ab toning belt, as well as some frequently asked questions which you may have already been pondering during your online and high street travels.

What Do Ab Toning Belts Do?

The basic science behind ab toning belts isn’t too tricky to get used to. Belts will strap to your abdomen and will submit electrical pulses to your muscles, which will cause them to contract and relax. This means that, even at rest, a belt toner will expect your ab muscles to work overtime.

This system is completely safe, and the technology has been upgraded and refined over many years to incredible results. That’s why there are so many different types of belt out there, as well as so many brands.

Some toning belts can be used to firm up glutes and thighs, too. However, for the purpose of this guide, we will solely be looking at those which work across the mid-section.

What is worth mentioning with ab toning belts is that they do not work miracles. That is to say, you can’t expect to build a six pack just by strapping one on and drinking beer. You are going to need to engage in regular exercise to help support the process.

However, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Ultimately, ab toning belts are great at helping to speed up the six pack process, with many models and products available for men and women to take advantage of.

Things to Look For

We say this with many products, but it’s true – it’s very easy to think that all ab toning belts do the same thing. However, you are going to need to find a system which appeals to your goals and your fitness levels.

There is a reason why some systems cost more than others, and why many people prefer leading brands and innovators over entry-level systems. You are not always guaranteed to get the best quality product for less money. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible for you to find a bargain.

It is simply worth keeping all the main essentials in mind and finding a belt that does everything you need it to. That really shouldn’t be so hard!
Here’s our breakdown of everything you will need to consider when shopping for a new ab toning belt, or for your first system.

How Accessible Are They?

If you look at the wider ranges of ab toning belts, you may find that some systems are designed for pro users, while others are more beginner devices. However, most belts, if not all, should be very easy to use.

Good entry-level belts will only have a few buttons and a simple interface. This means you shouldn’t have too much difficulty picking and setting a program you are comfortable with. However, more advanced systems have extra features and functionality, such as Bluetooth communication and sync, which will need more setting up to get started with.

You may wonder why you need Bluetooth sync for an ab toning belt! The fact is, you can now control your exercise through an app on your tablet or phone. This means that you can set intensity and workouts remotely, and it also means you won’t have to keep swapping out belts for new models. Simply choose a product with an upgradeable app.

How Intense Can Your Belt Get?

Workout intensity may not be something you are able to gauge too well to begin with. However, experienced crunchers and fitter users will likely want a more intense experience to get the best results.

For all-around users, novices and otherwise, it is a good idea to look for a belt with a wide range in terms of intensity. This will allow you to find what works best for you, and to change things up if they get too intense, or if you do not see the results you want.

The best thing to do here is to check the number of intensity levels a belt offers, as well as what verified buyers have to say. We can’t ever stress this enough when it comes to buying online! Verified buyers will give you a lot of insight into how a belt works for different people.

Therefore, always be ready to listen to an opinion or two, not just the product marketing.

There are many belts with lots of different programs, too, which help to keep things diverse and interesting. However, this may result in you paying a little more.

Size, Shape and Comfort

Let’s consider basic comforts. Ab belts will arrive in different sizes, shapes and styles. Choosing the right look doesn’t always come down to aesthetics.

Consider your waist size and look at what marketing has to say to find the right fit. For absence of all doubt, check verified reviews to see whether or not the marketing can be trusted!

There are ab toning belts which are built for men and women to use separately. This is because, naturally, male and female bodies are very different!

In this case, you should be willing to trust the gender divide, as one gendered system isn’t always going to work for both men and women.
Finally, consider comfort. You are not going to want a belt which is going to offer you unnecessary pain – just the pulses you expect from exercise!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time to take a look at common queries and concerns belt buyers have when investing for the first time.

Do I Need a Warranty for My Ab Toning Belt?

That depends on how often you are going to use it! In some cases, warranties should be supplied as standard. However, if you are investing a lot of money in a system, you should consider setting up extended cover, or at least getting your equipment insured.

How Much Do Ab Toning Belts Cost?

The cheapest ab toning belts may retail for as little as £15-£20, however, expect to pay upwards of £90 if you really want the best features and the best brands.

Slendertone, for example, is the leading name in ab toning, and they generally command the most expensive rates. It is always worth shopping around and looking at what lesser-known brands offer, especially if reviews are positive, and if big deals are live.

Do Ab Toning Belts Really Work?

Yes – providing you live an active lifestyle! While you can use belts at rest, for the best results, you should use them while you exercise or alongside a regime of ab crunching and core muscle programs.

It is a common misconception that they will deliver perfect results if you live a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. The point of ab toning belts is to help speed up the six pack process!

Is Slendertone Really the Best Brand?

The jury is very much out. Slendertone is the brand that helped to bring ab toning belts to the masses in the past two decades. However, the technology for similar devices has expanded, which means that there is a more competitive marketplace than ever before.

There is no guarantee that a Slendertone belt will work better than any other. Always compare and contrast, and listen to what users have to say.

Do I Need to Pay a Lot for an Ab Toning Belt?

No. Some affordable belts are very comfortable and have lots of leading features. Therefore, do be open to look closely at what’s available – and don’t always be swayed by more expensive models unless you really want to be.


Ab toning belts are fantastic assets for any exercise regime. They cannot be relied on for miracles, but the best models will help you achieve that toned, slimline look in no time at all. Take a look at the best models online and on the high street and compare!