Best Air Purifiers To Buy In The UK

Sometimes it’s all too easy to take the air that we breathe for granted. All kinds of microscopic things can pollute our space, whether it’s microbes, allergens or other unseen particles.

Best Air Purifier (May 2022)

While this may not seem like too much of a worry for most people, those of us with breathing problems, as well as those of us who prefer a specific level of comfort, could stand to get a lot out of a fantastic air purifier. But what exactly should we be looking for when we go to buy them for the first time?

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Air Purifier Buying Guide For 2022

Air purifiers can help to make your living atmosphere that bit more pleasant. While it’s true that you won’t really know the difference until you try one, there is more than a wide enough market for different models and brands to roll out new features and functions from season to season.

For that reason, we’ve set up a buyer’s guide for you! In this guide, we will consider everything you need to know about air purifiers, from features and facilities right down to price and suitability.

At the end of the guide, we will take a look at common queries, too – so that you can work out whether or not buying a purifier will be right for you.

Do I Need an Air Purifier?

This is probably going to be the biggest question people ask when they look at these systems for the first time. That’s why we’ve removed it from the FAQs section for the time being to look at it in closer detail!

Ultimately, everyone’s experiences with an air purifier are going to be different. Not all of us will notice the appeal or the difference during use. However, people who regularly suffer from hay fever, pet allergies or other breathing problems could benefit from buying a purifier of their own.

Of course, it stands to reason that an air purifier should never be treated as a miracle cure! If you do suffer with breathing on a regular basis, it is worth consulting your local GP.

Air purifiers work by sucking up potentially harmful microbes and allergens, meaning that they are rather like the caretakers of the air – making sure everything is dust and allergy-free.

If you bring a lot of people or animals into your home, you may already notice the difference when you start to purify your air for the first time. There may be elements in your air which you may not have noticed before!

Things to Consider

If you have decided that an air purifier is going to be a worthwhile purchase for your household, it is obviously time to start thinking about some of the features and facilities that differ between them.

Naturally, no two purifiers are ever the same! Here are some features you are going to be able to compare when buying online, as well as on the high street.


Efficiency is always going to be a big factor to consider when you are filtering out your air. Otherwise, why bother buying a unit at all? HEPA filtration is seen as the standard for efficient air suction.

However, some experts advise that not all filters will list filtration efficiency as standard. The higher the efficiency, the more likely your purifier is going to be able to handle intensive conditions and allergens.

For example, high-rate purifiers will likely work better to reduce asthma effects, as well as to reduce cigarette smoke.

Ease of Use

Some air purifiers are going to be easier to use than others! Some, for example, come with remote access, which means you can easily control it from across a room without having to get up.

Others, meanwhile, will have timer functions, which means you can set them up to activate and deactivate whenever you like. This is a great safety feature and also a worthwhile way of saving money on electricity in the bargain.

Power and Speed

Do also think about the speed and power you need from an air purifier. Many models will come with multiple speed settings, which means they are likely to be more flexible with different types of air pollution.

If you are likely to be handling multiple different aggravations in the air, more speed levels are better than a handful. However, do make sure you compare and contrast what’s available on the market.

Replacement Filters

After time, you are going to need to think about switching out your filters. Can you easily buy replacements from the manufacturer? If you are looking at models which are likely to become obsolete, it may be worth searching elsewhere.

This is why it is always worth shopping with a reputable brand, or at least checking what verified buyers have to say.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s consider some other queries shoppers are likely to ask about air purifiers.

How Much Do Air Purifiers Cost?

You can buy simple purifiers for as little as £30-£40, however, some of the more advanced systems will cost over £100 and likely more. What you need to spend is going to depend on what you need out of them.

Is It Worth Looking for an Ioniser?

Some experts suggest that, while ‘ioniser’ models are quiet running, they may actually do more harm than good, in the sense that they actively produce ozone. It is therefore worth keeping an open mind, and to compare and contrast more straightforward technology wherever possible. Don’t buy into all the hype!

Are Air Purifiers a Fad?

Not for many people. Air purifiers are designed to help lower the level of allergens in the air, and can be useful at removing bad smells and smoke, for example.

However, they may not be the first item on everyone’s household shopping lists. Therefore, it is worth taking the technology with a pinch of salt, and to consider whether or not such a service will make a big difference to your life.


Air purifiers could help you breathe easier than ever before. Intrigued by the concept? Bear in mind our tips above and compare and contrast the bigger models on the market – and do see what other buyers have to say, too!