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Keeping your baby entertained can be tricky. Thankfully, there are plenty of great ways to soothe and entertain your little ones without much expense. What’s more, baby bouncers could also keep your baby safe and secure in busy situations.

Best Baby Bouncer (May 2022)

But what if you’ve never bought a baby bouncer before? Why might it be something you should consider? We all look after our children in different ways. However, baby bouncers have helped to relieve parent and baby stress alike for years and years!

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Baby Bouncer Buying Guide For 2022

Here’s our quick guide on what you should be looking for from the best baby bouncers on the market. We will also be looking at some of the more frequently asked questions about these handy items.

Types of Baby Bouncer

Believe it or not, there are some baby bouncers which don’t bounce at all! When shopping around, you will likely find seats under one of two categories:

Door Bouncers

These bungee-bouncers can be safely and securely fitted to your door frame. These will allow your son or daughter to bounce around freely without fear of them getting hurt or tangled up. The cords provided are robust and durable, though are elasticated enough to provide plenty of fun.

Floor Chairs and Rockers

You can also buy baby bouncers, or rockers, which are free-standing on your floor. These, too, are built to be extremely comfy and secure. Therefore, your baby will love bouncing or rocking around in them, and will safely drift off to sleep when they’ve had enough.

In this guide, we will largely be looking at free-standing baby bouncers and rockers, though you will be able to apply many of the points made to door bouncers, too.

Features to Look For

While it may seem likely that all baby bouncers are designed and built to fit the same, simple shape, you’d be wrong. Design and innovation have come a long way over the years!

Many features available on rocker and bouncer chairs are built for comfort, safety and entertainment purposes. Therefore, you should be looking out for specific features to ensure your child is always protected, happy and content.

Here are just a few things you should compare from bouncer to bouncer.

Motion Design

As mentioned, some chairs rock, while others bounce. All chairs and bouncers are designed to be completely safe to use, though you may have a preference when it comes to movement. Look for bouncers which gently vibrate, which freely bounce, or which even react to babies kicking.

Power Supply

Yes, there are plenty of advanced baby bouncers which now require a power supply. That means you will likely be looking at a battery-operated system or one which plugs into the mains. Power supplies can help to make bouncers vibrate, play music, or light up. You may prefer battery function to plug-in for safety reasons, but again, these chairs will be completely safe for your baby to enjoy.


It goes without saying that you should be looking for baby bouncers which are sturdy and robust. While you should keep an eye on your baby at all times, even when they are in their bouncer, you need to be confident that they will not tip themselves over or hurt themselves. The best bouncers will also safely pack up and away for ease of storage.

Safety Features

Alongside sturdiness, do also think carefully about finding a bouncer or seat with added safety features. Safety straps, buckles and belts will help to protect your baby while keeping them comfortable and free to bounce about.


There are plenty of baby bouncers out there on the market which have fun features built-in. This is where the power supply comes in! Some will play music, and others will show colours and light up.

They can be fantastic at delivering lullabies and soothing melodies to small children to help them get off to sleep. There are even some bouncers which let you plug your music players directly into their speakers!

Ease of Cleaning

Of course, your baby bouncer or rocker should be easy to clean. Therefore, look for models which have reversible and/or removable covers. These may be machine-washable or may be easy to take care of by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

New to buying a baby bouncer or rocker? Here are a few common questions you may have when shopping around for the first time.

How Old Does My Baby Need to Be to Use a Rocker or Bouncer?

This can vary from model to model, so do be careful to check any details provided by the manufacturer or store you buy from. However, a baby should be able to comfortably use a bouncer from birth up to around six months of age.

How Much Should I Pay for a Baby Bouncer?

This is going to depend on what it is you’re looking for. More advanced chairs, bouncers and rockers will cost more than £100, and possibly as much as £200. However, there are plenty of cheaper models out there which are just as safe and fun to use. Some bouncers, for example, may only set you back £40-£50. Shop around!

How Do I Know if a Bouncer is Safe?

Ultimately, if a bouncer or rocker is available for sale at a regional or global chain, it will have passed multiple safety checks to reach the public. However, each product should have safety certifications and seals supplied.

You will also be able to check whether or not a bouncer has passed extensive industry testing. This, too, is where verified buyer reviews will come in handy. Check what other parents have had to say about your bouncer, and weigh up whether or not you’d like to go ahead.


Baby bouncers are great fun for little ones. They can also be an amazing source of relief for parents and guardians! However, there is plenty you will need to think about when shopping for them. Weigh up the features, user reviews, and you’ll easily find your perfect buy.