Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

There are many factors to consider when choosing a bagless vacuum cleaner including price, style, how often and for how long you will need to use it and what you will use it for.

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Prices vary considerably, so setting your budget should be your first step before considering what style would suit you best.

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Choosing a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Updated For 2022)

Vacuum cleaners, whether bagged or bagless, are generally of either the cylinder, upright or stick type. They may be corded or cordless.

Each have their pros and cons. If you live on one level, a heavy machine probably won’t be a problem but if you have to drag it up and down stairs, you might prefer something lighter.

Upright cleaners are good for large floors, especially on carpets, but are tricky to use on stairs.

Cylinder models are good in tight spaces and on stairs but can get caught on furniture as you drag them along.

Stick models are lighter and can access all areas easily but need emptying more often.

Power output varies between different models. For a quick clean twice a week in a flat or small house with no pets, a low-powered model will probably suffice. For a family home with dogs, cats and messy kids, something higher-powered will definitely be needed.

Comparison with Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

The key feature of bagless vacuums is, unsurprisingly, that you don’t need a dust bag. Instead the dust is collected in a canister. The advantage of this is a saving on replacement bags which can be expensive.

There are disadvantages however, starting with capacity. The dust collection compartments in bagless models are generally a lot smaller than replaceable bags. Emptying them can be a messy process. It’s hard to avoid dust escaping, and fluff, hair and other larger items can become compacted and wedged inside.

The cleaning performance of bagless cleaners is not necessarily any worse than for bagged models. It depends more on the suction power and the design of the head of any given model.



Dust filters are meant to trap dust particles and prevent them circulating back into the air. Some are more effective than others, some need regular replacement and others can be washed and re-used. Designed to trap very small particulates, HEPA filters can help if you are allergic to dust, pollen or mould spores.

If dust is an issue for you, avoid emptying your bagless cleaner indoors, because dust will escape back into the room.

Variable suction

No single set-up is ideal for every application. If you have a variety of floor types or furniture, being able to adjust suction will make your vacuum cleaner more effective. Some models are designed with pets in mind and have higher suction for removing hairs.


All vacuum cleaners come with at least some tools but, depending on how you use your machine, you might prefer a model that has additional, specialist attachments. These might be tools for reaching less accessible places or for cleaning particular surfaces.