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While plenty of us have moved onto digital music over the years, there is still a lot of mileage left in CDs! There’s often no better way to introduce your children to music than through their own personal boombox or CD player.

Best CD Player For Kids: May 2022

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Available in various colours, shapes and styles, these mini audio systems will appeal to kids of all ages. But what should you really be looking for from a children’s CD player?

CD players for kids should be easy to use, robust in design, and appealing to their personalities. While plenty of people now depend on streaming or digital files for their listening habits, kids can be entertained for hours on end with a brilliant CD player that they can be easily shown how to use.

Safety in Design

It goes without saying that anything bout for a child to use should be safe for them to operate on their own. You should always be ready to show your children how to use these sorts of gadgets before they go solo – and this will depend on their age and confidence, too.

The best children’s CD players have simple opening and closing features, with slow mechanisms which prevent little fingers from getting caught. Buttons are easy to press and players shouldn’t be completely over-run with cables and wires. The best CD players for kids keep things nice and simple.

You should also be looking for robustness and portability. Children’s CD players need to be big, chunky and easy to carry around. There should be no risk of sharp edges or trapped fingers.

Your child should feel confident in carrying around their CD player, which means it should also be lightweight in design, and with no small or loose parts.

User Friendly

As children grow, they may want to start playing their own music. That’s why children’s CD players should be designed to be easy to use from an early age upwards.

Obvious controls and LED displays will help to teach kids how to choose their favourite tracks and how to change out their music if they want to.

A great children’s CD player will be one which you can supervise use of at first, but which you can feel comfortable about leaving a child with on car journeys and elsewhere.

Colourful Designs

You’ll likely find that plenty of children’s CD players are designed after their favourite characters or concepts. Disney princesses, SpongeBob Squarepants, Thomas and Friends – you’ve likely seen them all.

There are some brilliant, creative CD player designs out there which will capture kids’ imaginations the world over.

It should be relatively easy for you to find one or two designs that appeal to your kids – what are they really into? Bright colours and themed designs are very appealing, and most CD players for kids are very cleverly designed.

Extra Features

Some of the best features to look for include karaoke functionality. Kids love to express themselves! Many children’s CD players have built-in functionality for CD+G, which means you will be able to play karaoke graphics CDs.

These CDs will play audio and will display lyrics. Think of the old Disney sing-along videos – this is pretty much the same idea!

Many CD players for children also have added functionality for various bits of hardware. Look for inputs for headphones and microphones, as well as outputs in case you want to plug your kids’ music into a bigger speaker.

Some of the more advanced CD players may even have Bluetooth technology built-in, which means you can listen to music wirelessly, or even transmit it to an external source or player.

You should also think about looking for built-in radio scanning, too. FM radio can be a great way for kids to explore new music, and the best CD players will allow them to easily scan UK stations to play through built-in speakers or headphones.

Of course, there are also CD players for kids which have MP3 functionality. This means you’ll be able to play CDs with MP3s burned onto them. For children who have a wide taste in music and who want to explore more tunes more freely, this is a great option to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may already have a few ideas in mind when it comes to picking the right children’s CD player. However, here are some questions you may have which haven’t yet been answered!

How Much Should I Pay for a Children’s CD Player?

On the whole, you can expect to pay anywhere between £20-£50. As many of these players have less advanced functionality than adult systems, you will be looking at paying less.

However, there are more advanced players out there which cost more. Generally, we’d advise you only need to part with around £20-£25 for a branded model that does everything you expect.

Does Build Quality Matter?

Of course! We all know that kids have a habit of being fairly boisterous – you’re going to need a CD player that’s shockproof, and which will resist heavy handling and plenty of knocks and scrapes. As mentioned, robust design is a plus.

However, you should also look at whether or not a CD player is built with rough and tumble in mind.

Are All Children’s CD Players Portable?

No. This is something you will likely want to look into if you are keen to take a player on long trips. What’s more, kids love taking their favourite toys around with them! Look for a CD player that has a simple handle built-in for ease of transportation.

Do also consider the weight of the player, too. Some can be heavier than they look – and if you want your child to have independence over their music player, look for something they can feasibly carry.


Introducing your kids to the world of music is a lot of fun! There is more choice than ever before when it comes to colourful, feature-rich CD players. Do read verified reviews, and ask your child’s opinion on what they like the look of best!


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