Best Dog Pushchairs To Buy Right Now

Strollers are not just for babies and toddlers. While it may not be common to see someone pushing a pet around in a pushchair, dog strollers are more popular now than ever before.

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Dog Pushchair Buying Guide For 2022

Strollers are helpful for dogs who need exercise and fresh air, but who are unable to get around as much as they’d like to. Older dogs and those who may be unwell can benefit from a safe, secure ride out in the open air.

If they feel up for a quick trot, you can safely unbuckle them and let them have free rein.

Dog strollers are a great support to pet owners whose canines may no longer be able to walk far, or who may be struggling with their legs and paws.

It is also a great way to transport several dogs at once, particularly puppies who may not be used to walking around outside on their own yet. Again, while the concept is fairly new, many dog owners will tell you that it’s an idea with lots of potential.

But what should you be looking for in a dog stroller? In this buying guide, we will take a look at the basics, as well as all of the added features and functionality you should be keeping in mind before getting out and about with your dog.

Do make sure to read our frequently asked questions, listed at the end of this guide, to help break things down even further.

Why Should I Buy a Dog Stroller?

Despite the many reasons why dog pushchairs can be a big help, this is likely going to be a question many people ask. However, consider the benefits. If you have an older dog who can no longer walk long distances or a poorly pooch who still needs to take in some fresh air, it can be worthwhile picking them up and taking them for a quick stroll or two. Conveniently, you won’t even need to put them on a lead.

It’s also a great way to carry pets around. Dog carriers can be bulky and heavy to transport. A dog buggy or dog stroller, however, puts all the weight on the wheels – they are very easy to move around and to manoeuvre. What’s more, they are great to use in poor weather conditions.

Ice and snow can be detrimental to dogs’ paws, as can hot pavements and roads. Save them a little bit of hassle and take them for a ride instead!

All in all, a dog pram or dog stroller offers convenient transport for animals who may not otherwise be able to use the paths or roads. If this is an issue you find yourself facing as a pet owner, then you may likely benefit from such an investment. It is worth thinking about!

Things to Bear in Mind

Not only will you have to consider whether or not a dog pram is going to be worthwhile, but you are also going to need to look at some of the basics which can differ from unit to unit.

As you may have guessed, not all dog pushchairs come in the same shape or size, even if they mainly do the same thing. Therefore, here are a few points we think you should consider.


This is an obvious point to make, but the first thing you should be thinking about is your dog’s comfort. Look for a pram or buggy which is suited to their size. This goes both ways, meaning that a small dog such as a Bichon Frise is never going to get on well with a buggy built for a Great Dane.

Weight capacity is important because if your dog is too heavy for the unit, they could risk falling straight through. It makes sense to measure up and choose the right size and shape of buggy before you put any money down.

Entry and Exit

How likely is it that your dog is going to leap in and out of their pram? Consider looking for zipped, covered prams for added protection, or you may even think about buying a buggy which they can easily jump in and out of.

This probably isn’t the best idea of your poodle is a budding showjumper, however, so think carefully about buying a pram with secure, safe and convenient entry and exit systems.


It goes without saying that dog buggies should be comfortable for pets as standard. However, this may be something that you’d like to check out in detail.

Make sure to take a close look at what buyers have to say about cushioning. Are your dogs likely to eat through the lining of a pram? It’s likely many buggies will be impervious to teeth and claws, but this doesn’t always follow – you might be surprised.

A good comfort aid is a raincover, and waterproofing. If you are going to wheel your dog around in all weathers, make sure to protect them with covers and waterproofing.

Otherwise, they’re hardly going to enjoy the journey out! Fleece insulation, or similar, will also be worth looking into if you are going to be strolling in cold weathers or climates. It’s always worth thinking about your pup’s comfort!

Tyre Types and Treads

This is something you may not think about right away when buying a dog stroller, however, choosing tyres can really make all the difference when it comes to stability and grip. You should be looking for gripped, durable tyres which can be taken through various terrains and across ground types from mud to gravel and grass.

If you’re going to be wheeling your dog all over the place, then it surely makes sense to invest in tyres which are going to support you and your pampered pooch.

Style and Look

This may not seem too important on the face of things, however, the look and style of a dog buggy are going to matter quite a bit. Is your dog likely to want to sit up and take a good look around?

Try and find a system which is appropriate for your pet’s size as well as your own aesthetics. Many dog buggies and prams come in different colours and styles, which means you should have plenty to choose from! However, go with your gut – what’s going to suit your canine the best?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never come across dog strollers before, then it is likely you will have a few questions to ask! Here are a few useful answers you may wish to bear in mind.

Do I Really Need a Dog Stroller?

You may be surprised at how useful a dog stroller could be in your life. Do you find that your dog is unable to walk long distances anymore? Are you worried about your pet hurting their paws on the pavement?

There are plenty of good reasons why people choose to stroll their dogs around. Consider your own circumstances and think about the hassle you could save!

How Much Do Dog Strollers Cost?

The price of a dog stroller is going to vary from brand to brand as well as from model to model. As this is still a fairly new market, you may find that there is a lot of variance in price. Generally, you should expect to pay as little as £30 to £40, though prices can extend above £100.

These models seem to be a little more advanced or stylish than most, though other than this, there isn’t too much in terms of a pattern. Look around and see if you can grab yourself a bargain.

Are Dog Strollers Popular?

Dog strollers and dog prams are becoming more popular as people continue to worry about their pets’ wellbeing.

However, they aren’t too mainstream yet. Once more people start to invest in the technology, and once it becomes apparent that there is a bigger market, it will become easier to find the best deals.

Can Dog Strollers Be Used for Travel?

Yes. Dog strollers are perfect for use when travelling. Models which can fold down and pop back up will be particularly useful if you are unable to move your pet around using a box or a lead and collar.

Therefore, do consider investing if it appears you are going to get a lot out of the convenience. As mentioned, this is likely going to be a market that grows very popular in the years to come.


Dog strollers may not be too commonplace, however, they are fantastic assets for pet owners who may not be able to take their dogs for long walks.

They are great for transporting several dogs at once, and what’s more, they can help to take the strain off their paws. Why not have a look online and see what other buyers and verified users have to say?

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