Clean-Up With These Killer Electric Bug Zappers

Flies, bugs, insects and all other kinds of creepy-crawlies can be a real nuisance at the best of times. They don’t just invade our homes and make themselves known during the warmer months, either!

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Flying pests can be a real nuisance a literal irritation at times. Therefore, many people invest in bug zappers, killers and other equipment to help rid themselves of pesky flying critters for good.

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In many cases, electric bug killers are very effective! Rather than run around swatting flies with a rolled-upon magazine, you can either take greater control with an electric swatter, or you can set up a trap to do the hard work for you.

Electric Fly and Bug Zappers: A Buyer’s Guide For 2022

But what should you be keeping in mind when it comes to buying such machines and gadgets? Are they effective at ridding your rooms of flies and pests for good? How much should you be investing?

A lot of these queries and related concerns will depend on your own personal needs, of course. However, there are still some things you should be looking for when shopping around for the first time.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know. What’s more, we’ll answer some queries and concerns which are likely to pop up for you along the way.

Why Use a Bug Zapper?

To some people, a bug zapper can seem a little drastic. To others, it can even be seen as inhumane! However, for millions of people, zapping bugs and flies has become the natural way of keeping their families safe and healthy.

Flies and other flying insects can carry all manner of germs, and can have a habit of laying eggs if they’re given too much of a welcome. Flies, in particular, multiply very quickly indeed – and they especially like to lay eggs in food, meaning the meals you eat could be at risk of contamination.

Beyond this, bugs and pests can cause serious skin problems. Some mosquitoes, for example, will bite your skin and suck your blood. Some mosquitoes – though very rare in the UK – can even breed disease and illness. Otherwise, many flying insects can cause itchy bites, rashes and other painful skin lesions. If you want to avoid any of this aggravation, your best course of action is – on the whole – to set up a bug zapper or to make sure your skin is fully protected.

Bug zappers can be set up anywhere in the home, generally, and will attract flies and bugs to be exterminated on site. This, as mentioned, will save you from having to wander around swatting them yourself. It’s a convenient way of protecting your home and family.

Things to Look Out For

Not all bug zappers and killers work the same way. Some work indoors, while others can be left outdoors to take care of pests before they even have a chance to enter your home. In any case, here are some features and factors we feel you should be keeping in mind before you make a purchase.

Attraction Range

Yes, some bug zappers and killers pull in critters from wider around than others. Many bug zapper systems emit UV light which will help to pull in deadly flying creatures. If you want to cover a wide garden space, or the whole of your living room, for example, you’re going to need to look at range coverage as a priority.

Flexibility and Portability

Consider where and how you want to set up your bug zapper. Generally, you’re probably going to want a system that can be easily carried from room to room, or inside and out. Not all zappers are built for easy transportation.

What’s more, there are even models available which will allow you to switch the angle and position the zapper aims out at. This means if one direction isn’t working out for you, you can make a few adjustments. The best fly and bug zappers on the market are those which can be easily tweaked and manoeuvred as and when necessary.

Zapper Size

This falls under the above point a little, but let’s think about the benefits of a big zapper. Obviously, the more zapper you have to offer, the more bugs you are going to be able to exterminate.

However, there is a trade-off. If your unit is too big or unwieldy, you are not going to be able to carry it with you from room to room. Consider what’s more important to you – the number of bugs you zap, or where you zap them?

Zap Rackets

If you prefer to play an active role in zapping bugs and flies, you can buy swatters and zap rackets which are powered by AA batteries. These are much more effective than using newspaper! However, you will still have to chase after bugs to be able to take care of them. It may be easier just to let them zap themselves!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s consider some other concerns regarding zappers before you go ahead and buy one.

How Much Should I Pay for a Bug Zapper?

This does depend on the type of zapper you go for. Some zap rackets and electric swatters will cost as little as £10-£15. Otherwise, you may be looking at £30 upwards for a reliable zapper you can set up indoors or outdoors.

Isn’t It Better To Use Sprays and Repellents?

Not always. Some insect repellents and sprays can cause skin irritation in some people, and they may also be harmful to pets. Therefore, a zapper may be the least hassle of all the bug-killing solutions available to you.

Should I Be Killing Bugs?

Without getting into an existential debate, flying bugs can cause humans a lot of harm. Some cause irritations, some spread disease, and others can even be deadly. To protect against this threat, you’re going to need to safeguard your home and family. It is, of course, a choice that is all your own!


While many people still prefer to swat and whack bugs and flies the traditional way, electric bug zappers carry plenty of benefits on their own. They’re affordable, they’re efficient, and they might just help take a load off your mind.

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