Best Free Standing Punch Bags In The UK

Is there any more iconic boxing equipment out there other than the punch bag? A staple of gyms across the world, the punching or punch is a fantastic piece of resistance equipment which can withstand volleys, uppercuts and more.

Even if you start out with light jabs, the best punch bags on the market should be able to take on much more from you as you progress as a boxer.

Best Free Standing Punch Bag (July 2022)

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Free Standing Punch Bag Buying Guide For 2022

If you’ve ever been to a boxing gym before, you may have seen come bags hanging down and which are free moving. These systems can be great for budding pugilists as they will teach fighters to dodge and weave while they attack.

However, free standing punch bags are just as useful, and are actually growing in popularity with the home market. Whether you have your own home gym or not, a freestanding punch bag could be a fantastic investment if you are keen to up your game as far as flying fists are concerned.

But what should you be looking for in a free standing punch bag? Should you be looking at weight and resistance first? Should you be concerned about colour schemes and designs? If you’re really stuck for ideas, don’t worry.

Our buying guide is here to help break things down for you in clear detail. Check out everything you need to know about buying free standing punch bags moving forward, as well as what you need to bear in mind when it comes to long term use.

Stick around, too, as we will run through some frequently asked questions shoppers pose at the end of the guide.

Why Buy a Free Standing Punch Bag?

If you even take a quick look online, you’ll see that there are many, many different types of punch bag available. Free standing punch bags, too, can be divided into endless brands and products. Therefore, what’s so appealing about a free standing model, and why should you be shopping for these pieces of equipment as a priority?

Of course, your own tastes and experience may vary, but many people prefer free standing punch bags thanks to the space they save. They don’t take up much room in terms of surface area, though you will need to clear enough space around one for safety reasons. Otherwise, you could end up injuring yourself or other people.

Free standing punch bags are a popular beginner’s choice, on the whole. This is because they are generally more lightweight and more forgiving than other punch bags you might see at the gym. With this in mind, if you’re just getting started as a boxer, a free standing bag may well be a worthwhile investment.

These punch bags are preferred by home gym and training enthusiasts as you won’t need to install them anywhere specific. This means you don’t have to drill chains into your ceiling or wall. This is always a good thing!

Things to Bear in Mind

Of course, as mentioned, not all free standing punch bags are the same. There are some crucial differences which mean you can end up paying more for some bags than others.

With this in mind, what are some of the driving differences between bags, and some of the main factors you need to consider while shopping around? Let’s take a look.


Believe it or not, what your punch bag is filled with will have a huge sway over your experience. Material filling can contribute to weight, heft and movement.

Most beginners may prefer foam or textile filling, on the whole, as these bags are a little easier to hit and work with if you are just getting started.

However, experienced boxers are more likely to look for ‘aqua bags’, which can replicate the feel of a human combatant, or traditional sand bags. Sand-filled punch bags are notoriously heavy! Starting out with sand filling could make things tricky for you. These bags are ideal for experienced boxers, or for those who are looking for maximum resistance.

In some cases, bags come pre-filled, however, in others, you will need to fill them up yourself. Take a close look at what’s available online and consider how easy or convenient it will be for you to fill up on a regular basis.


Yes – free standing punch bags aren’t going to take up much room at all on the whole. However, you’re going to need to clear enough space around your bag and its base unit so you don’t knock into anything or anyone.

It’s generally a good idea to house a free standing bag in a clear room, not where you’re likely to trip over coffee tables or break wide screen TVs. However, one of the big positives of these bags is that you can store them wherever you like! Just be sensible and space-conscious.

On a similar note, some free standing bags can be adjusted for height, too. It’s unlikely you’ll find a bag which won’t fit your ceiling, however, for ease of use, you should still consider looking for bags which can be easily set up and down depending on your needs.

Weight and Heft

Weight, naturally, will affect portability. The weight of a free standing punch bag will make all the difference when it comes to resistance, as well as when it comes to how easy it is to move around.

Look for a free standing punch bag which is light enough for you to carry, but not too light to flop over with a light punch.


If you’re going to be training hard, or if you’re already a hard-hitter, it makes sense to look for a punch bag which is going to weather years of use. Take a look and see what verified buyers have to say about bag durability.

This should help you narrow down your choices, and find a punch bag which will adequately put up with your strength and force. Many punch bags of this kind are built for life, not just a few months. Look for a reputable brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a few moments to consider some frequently asked questions from regular shoppers, and those who will be likely to invest in free standing punch bags.

How Much Do Free Standing Punch Bags Cost?

You’ll likely find a great punch bag of this type for around £50-£70. You’ll probably end up paying more for better-known brands and more resistance, however, £50 is generally a good ballpark figure to start off with.

Do be prepared to save more, and of course do shop around for the features and facilities you really want.

Is It Worth Paying a Lot for a Free Standing Punch Bag?

That all depends on what you’re looking for and what you need! More expensive bags are likely to last longer and will probably benefit from better manufacture than cheaper models.

However, this doesn’t always follow. It’s worth looking at buyer reviews to get the real lowdown on budget models. Your own experience and tastes will likely serve you well here, too.

Are There Punch Bags Built for Martial Arts?

Yes – there are plenty of MMA bags and those which are built for a wide array of sports. Traditional punch bags, including free standing models, are naturally designed with boxing in mind.

However, you’ll find that there are plenty of bags out there which will withstand kicks, punches, chops and more. Again, it’s worth looking around, shopping and comparing for what’s best to suit your routine.

Do I Need a Free Standing Punch Bag?

Free standing punch bags are fantastic for home training, as well as for stress relief! Many people invest in these models of punch bag as they can be set up anywhere providing there is plenty of floor space. What’s more, you can set up these punch bags and use them as a cost-effective alternative to heading to the gym.

5 Best Free Standing Punching Bag Reviews & Buyers Guide

Many punch bags are resistant enough to offer fantastic strength training support, and they are great at helping boxers and fighters of all natures train on their way to becoming seasoned pugilists.


Free standing punch bags are fantastic fun – and for many people, they are a crucial training aid. It’s well worth taking a close look at the big brands, as well as what people have to say about specific models and units.

Do also keep in mind that they are perfect for beginners, too. Therefore, if you are a more seasoned fighter, it may be worth you looking for a more resistant piece of equipment.

That being said, there is at least plenty of diversity in the types and builds of bag you can buy. You may be surprised at what some bags can offer you.

If you are in any kind of doubt over whether or not to make a purchase, try checking out some video reviews online as well as asking the opinion of boxing and gym enthusiasts.