Hair Curlers To Suit Your Style

It’s not always so easy to get fantastically curly hair! Some of the luckier people out there can let their hair curl thanks to the miracle of genetics. The rest of us have to depend on a variety of hairdressing tools to get the looks we want! Never fear, however, as there are plenty of fantastic hair curling tongs and wands available which will produce fantastic results time and again.

Best Hair Curling Tongs (May 2022)

Curling tongs aren’t just great for developing stylish curls. They are fantastic at creating deep waves and hair levelling which isn’t otherwise possible outside of a salon. Home haircare products have grown in popularity in recent years. That’s thanks to the fact that DIY hair is now much cheaper than visiting a salon, and what’s more, tools are easier to use and are altogether more capable.

Best Runner-Up: Still A Great Choice

Hair Curling Tongs Buying Guide For 2022

Where do you even start when it comes to buying the right curling tongs or wands? How do you know what is going to be the best fit for your hair and your comfort? We’re going to explore the basics for you, while taking into account a variety of features and frequently asked questions along the way.

What’s the Difference Between Curling Tongs and Curling Wands?

This is a query we’ll do best to get out of the way early. The main difference between tongs and wands is the fact that tongs have clamps, while wands don’t. Why use a clamp, you might ask?

Ultimately, a hair curling clamp is fantastic at helping to ensure your hair gets an even spread of heat throughout. It’s also great at providing a lot of careful control.

However, curling wands are considered quicker and easier to use, on the whole. That’s because they’re not secured in place as they go. However, without a clamp, you’re going to run the risk of losing control over your curling, and you may not get a good all-around look.

There’s a balance to find here which is worth considering before you jump in and make a purchase.

However, on the whole, curling tongs and wands generally do the same thing. They actively wrap hair with heat to ensure that it stays curled. It is simple science, but it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between tools!

For the purpose of this guide, the tips and advice we provide will apply to tongs and wands in general.

Features You Need to Consider

Curling tongs and wands can vary a lot in terms of shape, size and weight. All of them, of course, are going to tell you that they’ll give you the perfect look you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t fall into the marketing trap!

Consider looking for certain types of curling tongs based on how they are built. These will provide you with different results depending on what you’re looking for. For example, you may want tight curls or deep waves. You may want something completely different!

Use our quick guide below to narrow down some of the many options available to you – and do always be ready to compare and contrast.

Curling Barrels

Curling tongs and wands will be fitted with barrels. These may not seem too important on the face of things; however, they are crucial in the definition of your curled hair. Therefore, be careful to pick a curling barrel which fits the look you’re after.

Bubble Barrels

Bubble barrels can be found along the length of tongs and wands and are great at getting fantastic, textured results. These wands may not be considered the most mainstream, but they are a great buy if you’re really hoping to experiment with your look. You’ll often find leading salons using bubble barrel tongs and wands.

Straight Barrels

Straight barrel tongs and wands are often the ‘default’ choice you’ll find online or in the salon. Far from being boring, simple models provide classic results. If you are merely looking to create solid, even curls all the way through and along your hair, this is the barrel you are going to need to consider first of all.

Tapered Barrels

Tapered barrels are ideal if you’d prefer to go for something a little more natural. These tongs and wands are designed to go a little beyond the classic evenness of straight barrel devices. Therefore, if you’re not particularly concerned about getting symmetry across your hair, and would rather that your curls look tight and naturally-grown, aim for these products in the first instance.

The Size of Barrels

Yes – you’re also going to need to consider the size of the barrels involved to get certain results. You will largely find curling wands and tongs offering various facts and figures on their boxes or online marketing. Simply put, this is an easy way for you to ascertain whether a barrel is too small or too big for your needs.

Small Barrels

Small curling barrels are ideal if you are looking for very tight curls. These are extremely slimline, and may be as small as 6mm. It’s not the first choice everyone goes for, but they are very popular with people looking for a tightened, even look.

Mid-Size Barrels

Any tongs or wands with barrels between 20 and 32mm (or thereabouts) can be considered mid-sized. This is probably the most straightforward option to take, and a good size to aim for if you’re not sure which look to go for right away.

Large Barrels

For softer, larger curls, go for larger barrels. It simply makes sense! Barrels larger than 32mm will generally give you plenty to play with, especially if you are looking to make waves in your hair.

Other Points to Consider

As always, there may be a number of features or factors to bear in mind when it comes to buying curling tongs or curling wands. Here are just a few points you should be looking into.

Speed of Heat-Up

You’re not always going to be able to tell how quickly a pair of tongs heat up from the marketing. However, you can easily take note of this from verified user reviews, which should go into some detail about what you can expect from when they will be ready to use. You really aren’t going to want to choose tongs which take forever to get up to power.

Safety Features

Safety first! You are going to be working with hair curling equipment which will get extremely hot, extremely quickly. Safety is always advised, though you may be able to find some wands and curlers which shut down when not in use. This is always a good thing if there is a risk of you having left your tongs on!

Heat Control

You are also likely going to need a curling system which offers plenty of heat control. This means finding a system which lets you choose the temperature, and which will also let you know when it is up to speed and ready to use.

Some models may even come with over 20 heat settings – always a good idea to experiment with them and to see what works best for you! Do make sure you read the guidebook and instructions supplied, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying curling tongs and heaters for the first time can be tricky. Therefore, take your time – check out some reviews – and pore through the following common queries to see if your concerns are readily addressed.

Is Curling Your Hair at Home Better Than Going to a Salon?

If you like to take full control of your hairdressing, or if you’d simply like to save money, then yes! The benefit of salon treatment lies in the fact that you get professional care throughout – whereas if you’re unsure how to use curling tongs, there’s always a worry that you may make a mistake. Consider what’s best for you!

How Much Should I Pay for Curling Tongs?

You’d be surprised how affordable some curling tongs and irons can be! You’ll likely pick up a model from a leading brand for as little as £20-£30; however, you can be expected to pay in excess of £100-£200 for the more advanced models. There’s not always a guarantee that you get the best possible quality with the most expensive systems; however – you may be able to find a bargain if you read up on the right reviews.

Should I Use Curlers Instead?

If you want access to fantastic curls, traditional curlers can also do a great job at creating a wonderfully natural look. However, many people prefer curling tongs and wands as they offer quicker results, and often with greater control. It’s your choice!


When buying curling tools for the first time, always make sure you read verified user reviews to get a feel for what may benefit your hair type the best. Do also make sure to opt for a model which has plenty of safety features, and which has the best barrel for the curls you want. Get the hair you want without having to head to the salon!