How To Buy The Best Heated Rollers

Getting your curls just right can take time, effort, and sometimes, a lot of money. Thankfully, home hairstyling technology has come a long way in a short space of time.

Best Heated Rollers (May 2022)

That means there are now more than a few ways to really take control of that perfect look, and what’s more, it shouldn’t cost you too much. Heated rollers, for example, can make for a fantastic long-term investment.

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Heated Rollers: A Buying Guide For 2022

While many people either use curling tongs or head to the stylist to get that perfect, tight and curled look, lots more opt for heated rollers by way of convenience and saving money. But how do you know which systems to look for? Are heated rollers even right for what you want out of your hair?

Take a look at our complete guide to buying heated rollers and check out everything you need to know while shopping around.

Finding the perfect roller system shouldn’t be tricky, but we know that it can feel like you are thrown in at the deep end sometimes! Take a look at the end of the guide, too, for frequently asked questions from shoppers.

What Do Heated Rollers Do?

Heated rollers, put simply, use applied heat to encourage hair to curl and compact tightly. It’s a great way to create stylish waves and curls in your hair which are guaranteed to last longer than with traditional curlers.

Many people have migrated from traditional curlers to heated options for the very reason that you’ll often get a more defined look, and one which is likely to weather the hours to come.

They are often more convenient that traditional curlers in the sense that they provide quicker results. Anyone who needs to do their hair, and quickly, will agree that this is a definite plus point.

Heated rollers will generally take anywhere up to half an hour to provide you with long-lasting results, however, many systems are built to produce results a lot quicker.

Types of Heated Rollers

When shopping around for heated rollers, be sure to keep in mind that they are split into different types and systems. These are generally as follows:

Wax Rollers

Wax rollers are perfect for hair which can be tricky to curl up at the best of times. They are more intensive and tend to provide longer-lasting effects.

Ceramic Rollers

Ceramic rollers are fantastic for quick results and are built to be some of the most efficient curling systems on the market. What’s more, they’re fantastic at retaining moisture if you need to.

Steam Rollers

Steam rollers – no, not the heavy machinery – work very quickly, too. They heat up extremely fast for ease of curling, however, if you want a more intensive, tighter experience, you may wish to lean towards a wax model instead.

Stick Rollers

Stick rollers are amongst the most flexible you can buy, and they’re available in any of the above styles. However, if you prefer, you can also buy them without the heating element at all. They are perfect for ease of use, meaning if you’re looking for great results without any of the residual fuss, you might want to invest in some stick curlers.

Ribbed Rollers

Ribbed systems are preferred by people who want to avoid those awkward tangles which can occur during curling. Again, you may find wax, ceramic or steam models which are ribbed. A steam roller with a ribbed surface is likely going to offer you the quickest and most convenient experience.

Other Things to Look Out For

Let’s consider a few more points you’ll need to think about while shopping for the perfect rollers.

Heating Time

This is a big point to consider, and likely to be a driving force behind most heated roller purchases. Always check what verified buyers have to say about curling and heating times, as you can’t always trust the packaging or the marketing.


Some heated rollers will clip to your hair differently than others. When it comes to this factor, you’re probably best, again, reading up on what specific reviews have to say. You’re likely going to need rollers that are easy attach and easy to remove at short notice.


It goes without saying that heated rollers are hot by design. Therefore, it’s never recommended that you try to remove powered-up rollers without gloves or something protecting your hands. Look for heated roller systems with added safety features, or those which come with gloves included. You’ll be surprised to find many which do!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at a few common queries that people ask about heated rollers before they buy them.

Are Heated Rollers Better Than Curling Tongs?

Many people prefer rollers to curling irons or tongs because they are generally perceived to be safer. What’s more, they are generally a lot more affordable. People who use tongs and irons may argue that you get better results overall, however, the jury is still out. Lots of people like using heated rollers as they can be used to curl specific sections of your hair, not whole portions.

How Do I Know I’m Getting Good Quality Equipment?

Generally, the best idea is to look for brands and manufacturers you can trust, such as Babyliss or Remington. However, again, a good idea is to consider purchasing a system that is well-reviewed, and which gives you confidence. Buyers who are verified will be able to help you in this regard.

How Much Do Heated Rollers Cost?

Depending on the brand you buy, as well as the features which are built-in, you may find you spend up to £50 or more. However, there are plenty of reputable brands which offer products for less than £30 as standard. Shop around and see what you can find!


Heated rollers offer hairstyling convenience to millions of people. If you’re new to the idea of using curlers at all, make sure to check out what other people have to say and set yourself a budget that won’t break your bank.