High Chairs You Can Trust

High chairs are going to be an essential for you to buy once you have a baby. Ideal for feeding very young children once they are old enough to sit up and are moving on from weaning, a good high chair should be one which you can safely adjust and secure to make sure your baby can comfortably drink and eat with you at mealtimes.

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High chairs are also very useful for helping to keep children still – as well as to help keep surfaces clean and clear. But what should you be looking for from the ideal high chair? Are there some things you should avoid when shopping around? How much can you expect to pay for a good model?

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High Chairs: A Buyer’s Guide For 2022

In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know before getting started. We’ll also answer plenty of common queries and questions at the end of this guide so there’s no chance of you being in the dark.

Why Buy a High Chair?

Encouraging a young child to sit still is a challenge in itself. Encouraging them to eat solid food and to not make a mess is a completely new ball game! High chairs are designed so that you can eat with your little one at the same height, and so that you can easily feed them without having to stoop too low.

High chairs are also built with trays, too, which means anything that can drip out or get splatted about will be caught. That means no need to clean the floors any time soon!

You should buy a high chair if your child is at a stage where they are moving on from breastfeeding or bottle feeding. High chairs can last for years. What’s more, if you plan to have a few children, they can make for a serious investment. As one child grows out of the high chair, the next one can take advantage.

Things to Look For

There are going to be a few features and factors you should bear in mind when shopping for a high chair for the first time. Unfortunately, there isn’t going to be a catch-all model which will do everything you ask. Your needs are likely going to be different to those of other parents and their children, too!

Safety First

All high chairs fit for sale should be designed with safety in mind. However, do always be sure to read any online manuals and reviews to double-check. The most important thing to bear in mind when buying a high chair is your child’s safety, no ifs or buts.

Thankfully, most modern chairs are intuitively designed for secure seating as well as comfort. In any case, you should never leave a child unsupervised, no matter how safe a chair may seem.

Ease of Cleaning

Naturally, this is going to be a big factor. High chairs fitted with trays will already help to cut down on messes and spillages. However, you are going to need to find a high chair which you can easily wipe clean at short notice. You never know when a mess is about to be made!

Comfort with Growth

It’s generally advised that babies grow out of high chair use likely around two to three years of age. However, everyone grows a little differently. Check user reviews and marketing for information on how adaptable high chairs are for growing children. The best high chairs can be easily adjusted to accommodate with ease.

The Right Fit

You’re also going to need to find a high chair which will fit in with your existing dining room décor. You should either look for a high chair which is tall enough to see over your table, or one which can be easily adjusted. This is also something to bear in mind if you’d prefer your baby to eat directly at the table, or via built-in tray. Some models will allow you to remove these attachments.

The Right Look

Yes – it’s a piece of kitchen furniture! So you’re probably going to need to think about aesthetics. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with this chair, which means you should definitely take design and look into consideration. This isn’t a selfish point – just make sure you find a chair which won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time to take a look at some of the more common queries people pose when buying high chairs.

Does My Child Need a High Chair?

Not necessarily, however, modern chairs are built for maximum convenience. It can be difficult to juggle feeding and seating a child while attending to everyone else! However, your needs will vary. It may be worth finding a high chair if your child is struggling to respond well during feeding time.

Is My Child Too Young for a High Chair?

It’s generally advised that children are ready for high chairs when they reach around six months of age. However, it will generally depend on when they are ready to start moving away from milk alone. This can vary from child to child. Generally, high chairs are built to safely fit children less than three years old, which you can use as a benchmark.

How Much Should I Pay for a High Chair?

There is a huge difference in what people pay for high chairs. The most basic models will retail from anywhere between £10-£50. However, the most advanced chairs, those which are easiest to use, to clean and which are the most versatile, could retail for over £400.

As with many household items, it all depends on what you need a high chair for. If you are expecting to grow your family, a more expensive, yet durable chair can be used again and again – a wise investment.


High chairs can be very helpful when it comes to busy, everyday family life. However, do be careful about the models you choose. Look for safety, adaptability and – of course – ease of cleaning!