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Hot tubs are fantastic fun. Anyone who has ever used a Jacuzzi will tell you that nothing beats easing away the everyday aches and pains quite like jumping into a warm, bubbly and soothing spa. However, many people go without having their own hot tubs at home because of the price. What’s more, full Jacuzzi systems and other hot tubs are bulky and awkward to set up and pack down again.

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That, thankfully, is where inflatable hot tubs come in. These tubs, as the name suggests, can be easily inflated and deflated when not in use. Therefore, they are perfect for home storage and are ideal if you are unlikely to need your tub set up all of the time. While inflatable tubs can be used all year round, it makes sense to pack it up and away when not in use!

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Inflatable Hot Tubs: A Buyer’s Guide For 2022

What should you be looking for in the ideal inflatable hot tub? In this guide, we will consider all the important factors, and will also look at a few common queries which might arise during your shopping around.

Why People Buy Inflatable Hot Tubs

As mentioned, one of the major draws with inflatable tubs is the portability and storability. Full-size, permanent hot tubs can be tricky to make space for, and they are often trickier to maintain. Inflatable models, on the whole, are much easier to clean and to use. What’s more, many of them are very customisable. You’ll even find many hot tubs with LED lighting built right-in, adding a little colour or mood to the experience!

Jet Types

Before buying an inflatable hot tub, do consider the types of jets offered. There are two main kinds, both with pro and con points to consider.

Air Jets

Air jets are probably the most common, and therefore also the most popular. As the name suggests, these jets are nice and comforting and pleasant to experience. They are also very efficient, as they will use the same inflation hose and inlet you used during setup. However, some people may find that air jets can lower the temperature of their pool quicker than they’d like them to.

Water Jets

Also known as hydrojets, these systems are probably more commonly found in standard hot tubs. These pressured water jets work via a water pump, and offer strong, relaxing bursts, gently massaging you while you relax. Many people prefer water jets as they offer a better quality massage than air alternatives. However, the cost of setting up and running a pump alongside your hot tub is going to be considerably high.

Features to Think About

Not all inflatable hot tubs are the same. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the comparable factors and features likely to differ during your window shopping.

Weight and Volume Capacity

Weight limits are always something you should bear in mind when buying a hot tub. Some will be able to hold up to 1000kg at full capacity! That means you are also going to need to find a platform or surfacing which will easily take this heft. Smaller tubs will take less, and do also bear in mind volume, too. You will likely pay more for greater volume in a hot tub, but that doesn’t always mean you’ll get the best experience.

Limescale Protection

Limescale is something that inflatable hot tubs struggle with, even if you are cleaning and maintaining it regularly. The best way to avoid build-up, which could result in system breakdowns, is to find a model which supports a hard water system. Generally, as limescale is such an issue for inflatable tubs, hard water systems are fairly common.

Chemical Choices

As with public pools, inflatable hot tubs will need to be cleaned with certain chemicals in order for them to remain safe for use. You will generally be able to clean most tubs with chlorine solution, though anyone who has been to a public swimming pool will know that the smell of this chemical can be very aggressive! Do, therefore, make sure to check how to best clean and maintain your tub before buying.

You may even be able to find tubs which offer a saltwater alternative, which can help you to keep things clean without the need for any nasty chemicals or solutions.

LEDs and Lighting

Popular features in many inflatable hot tubs include lighting. LED strips and spot lights are great at creating certain moods and for illuminating your pool after dark. Some LEDs may even come in various colours, too. Even if the idea of lighting your tub up seems a little cheesy, it saves you from having to depend on wielding torches throughout the evening!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take time to look at some common queries asked by people who are interested in buying inflatable hot tubs.

How Much Should I Pay for an Inflatable Hot Tub?

You will likely need to set aside at least £300 for a good inflatable system; however, you can find some models for cheaper online. You can also generally expect to pay more for added enhancements and ease of use. Some inflatable models may even set you back as much as £1000 or more. Generally, the best idea is to consider your physical needs and the features you feel are most appealing.

How Easy is it to Clean an Inflatable Hot Tub?

It is easier now more than ever to clean out inflatable hot tubs – particularly as you can use a variety of chemicals such as chlorine. There are also chemical-free cleaning systems, too.

How Do Inflatable Tubs Compare to Standard Models?

Many people feel that inflatable hot tubs compare favourably to standard-issue tub systems! Do always see what people have to say in review sections, and make sure you are getting advice from verified purchasers.


Inflatable hot tubs may be the convenient, cost-effective spa solution your garden, decking or patio needs. Take a look around online and compare features and brands!

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