Best Lady Shavers In The UK

Hair removal is something millions of women struggle with each and every day. Not only is shaving your arms, legs and other areas painstaking, it can also be painful.

Best Lady Shaver (May 2022)

It’s tempting to stick to simple plastic razors where possible, but at the same time, that may actually work out more expensive for you and less helpful to the environment than buying a lady shaver outright.

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Lady Shavers: A Buying Guide For 2022

Lady shavers offer a fantastic alternative to everyday razors, particularly in the sense that for many women, they can be a fantastic investment. Why spend more money on everyday razors when you can buy a flexible and durable unit which should last you for months and years to come?

However, finding the best lady shaver isn’t always so easy. In this buying guide, we’ll take a look at all the things you should be taking into account when investing in a lady shaver, and whether or not it is worth you doing so. At the end of the guide, we’ll run through some commonly-asked queries.

Types of Lady Shaver

Lady shavers are designed to help you keep all areas of your body feeling smooth and free from hair. However, shavers can be split into different types and variants, which are of course worth looking out for and worth differentiating between before you buy.

Most lady shavers will be split into foil or rotary styles, with the foil option more common for women. Rotary shavers are more useful for tougher hair, and are more likely to be found in beard trimmers for men. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to make this distinction too often.

However, it is worth looking closely for a lady shaver which can cater to all manner of shaving. Some lady shavers can only be used ideally for shaving legs, arms and armpit areas, while others are best suited for your face.

There are also specific models which are designed to take care of intimate hair. Of course, these models are most likely to offer comfort and there is less chance of you being cut. However, depending on what you’d like to shave, it is worth looking for specialised models.

Things to Consider

Buying a lady shaver isn’t just about looking for a model that is guaranteed to rid you of hair. There are a few features and factors you should be bearing in mind when it comes to your daily routine. Here are just a few points you should keep in mind while shopping around.

Wet or Dry Shaving?

Some lady shavers will let you shave directly in the shower, or while you’re taking a bath. These can be immensely convenient! However, many models are purely for dry shave only.

This is by no means a deal breaker for most users, however, depending on what you normally use, this is a distinction which is worth making.

How Close is the Shave?

This is probably where you are going to need to rely on user reviews and YouTube tutorials the most. All lady shavers are likely to tell you that they offer an effortlessly close shave. But how often does this actually work in practice? It’s hard to say.

Therefore, do be prepared to take product marketing with a pinch of salt, and make sure you shop around.

How is the Shaver Powered?

All lady shavers will be powered by some form of energy source, however, what that source actually is can vary a lot. For example, will you need to switch batteries out on a regular basis? Or can you just charge your shaver up in the mains? It’s likely to be less expensive to buy a chargeable unit in the long run.

Do also be sure to check battery life, in general, before you buy. You are not going to want a shaver which shorts out on you!

Consider Sensitive Models

Some women dislike electric shaving as it can be tougher on the skin. However, there are plenty of shaver models out there which are actually developed to support sensitive or more aggravated skin types.

Therefore, it is well worth keeping an eye out for these specialist shavers. Again, take a look at what buyers and users have to say.


What is the grip like on the shaver? Can it be used to get into tight spots? What about if you need to switch heads out – can it be done, is it easy to do? It’s tempting just to buy the first shaver you come across.

However, do bear in mind that lady shavers nowadays are more flexible than you think. Keep your eyes and your options open!

Frequently Asked Questions

As always, it’s well worth checking out some common queries for more of a lowdown on what to expect while shopping.

How Much Do Lady Shavers Cost?

This really can vary, and the price tag is going to change depending on the features you’re looking for, as well as the brand you choose. For example, you could purchase a lady shaver online for as little as £15-£20.

However, some of the more advanced models will set you back £50 and more.

Do I Really Need a Lady Shaver?

Lady shavers are often seen as more cost-effective than plastic razors for a reason. Over the course of a few months, a good lady shaver should already pay for itself.

However, it all depends on your routine and what you are comfortable with. Everyone’s needs are likely to be slightly different.

Does Paying More Mean a Better Model?

Not always. From a quick glance online, you will already see that there are plenty of shavers which are well-rated and which are reasonably cheap. It’s worth reading reviews and watching videos to see what everyday users think. Don’t just follow the brand marketing!


Moving from everyday shavers to lady shavers is easier than you think. You just need to keep your options open when it comes to looking for your ideal fit! Take a look online and don’t be afraid to compare.