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If you’ve never considered buying a lawn aerator before, you may not have had to deal with problem soil much! Tending to your lawn and garden can only do so much, especially when it comes to making sure you have the healthiest land available to grow grass, flowers, vegetables, and plants.

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It may be simple to think that any old patch of soil will grow all you ever need with enough water and sunlight. Sadly, that’s not always going to be the case.

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Lawn Aerators: A Buyer’s Guide For 2022

Lawn aerators, some built slightly like traditional lawnmowers, work to help open up your soil. This is so that it can better take in water and nutrients, and so that it will be better, therefore, for plants and vegetation growing therein. If you are something of a gardening novice, it’s understandable if you’ve not thought about aerating your lawn before.

However, it’s important to know what to look for when shopping around, and what makes a genuinely worthwhile investment. In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know. We’ll also answer a few questions buyers commonly ask about aerators before they part with any money.

Why Use a Lawn Aerator?

A lawn aerator isn’t always going to be the first tool on most homeowners’ minds when they think about stocking the tool shed. However, the right aerator might be invaluable to making sure your lawn stays green and healthy all year round.

For example, if your lawn is regularly displaying dry patches, or if you are finding that water is simply pooling and not sinking into the soil, an aerator can be worked across your lawn to really open it up. The best aerators offer even opening across your grass and soil, which means you can be sure the whole patch is primed and ready to grow anything you’d like to plant.

It’s also a good idea to aerate your lawn if you regularly walk across it, or if you have foot traffic from pets and children. Do also consider buying an aerator if you need to apply fertiliser, or to remove weeds. Aerating your lawn will really open up your soil, and your plants, to a lot of good.

Types of Lawn Aerator

Before you buy an aerator, it is a good idea to consider some of the more common types. Here are a few you might come across, as well as their benefits.

Tine Aerators

Otherwise known as hollow tine aerators, these hand models require a little bit of work but are perfect for those gardeners on a budget. However, they are normally ideal for small areas of soil or land, as covering large patches will take considerable work. However, many people feel that the tines provide fantastic soil hollowing, which means they could benefit harder ground. They can also be used to aerate tricky spots.

Roller Aerators

Using a system of spikes, roller aerators are likely to be the most common models you’ll see recommended online. You can buy manual (push) or electric rollers, and they work by allowing you to roll across your lawn or soil with spikes. They are brilliant for soft ground conditions and are generally very easy to use. They are recommended for larger spaces; however, they may not be able to get as deep down as you need them to.

Core Aerators

For a huge amount of soil or lawn coverage, an autonomous core aerator will work hard for you. They tend to aerate a lot deeper than traditional rollers, and what’s more, they will take a lot of time off your plate. Do bear in mind, however, that they may often be more expensive, and require much more energy to run.

Things to Consider

As well as the types of aerator available, you should also think about the various factors and features available. Here are the most important points to bear in mind.

Think About Ease and Comfort

Whether you are using a manual aerator or otherwise, you are likely to be handling a tool for some time, and with repetitive force. Therefore, you should look for models with handles which are designed with comfort in mind. What’s more, you need to have a good grip to really get down into the soil.

Depth of Aeration

Knowing how deep you want to aerate can be tricky. However, you will generally find that most aerators will go as deep as around an inch or two. This is more or less what you should be looking for, though some models will go deeper, others shallower. Keep a lookout for these details when you compare and shop around.

Which Type is Best?

The best type of aerator for you will likely depend on the size of your lawn, and how much work you foresee having to do. Manual aerators and handheld models should not be considered ideal for larger spaces. Therefore, a simple push roller, an electric model, or a core aerator, should do the job for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s consider some common queries about lawn aerators you may have already considered.

How Much Should I Pay for a Lawn Aerator?

This, naturally, is going to depend on the features you need, and the needs of your lawn. However, you should expect to pay anywhere between £10 and £30 for simple models. Expect to pay £100 or more for advanced technology.

What Are Aerator Shoes?

These are shoes you can wear while walking across your lawn which have aerator spikes on the soles. They are easy to use, but it may be time-consuming to aerate in this way across large gardens.

Do I Really Need an Aerator?

If you have had difficulty getting things to grow in your lawn, or experience lots of dry patches where grass should be, it may be time to think about getting it aerated.


Lawn aerators are great at really helping to keep your lawn and garden healthy for plants to grow. Take a look and see what other verified buyers are saying to find that perfect fit!