How To Buy The Perfect Milk Frother

For many coffee drinkers, the cheery on top of a perfect brew is the froth. Frothed milk is the calling card of a barista. It’s thick, it’s creamy, and it can even be used to create unique art and patterns on the top of drinks.

Best Milk Frother (May 2022)

Getting milk to froth perfectly at home isn’t quite as easy as it seems in coffee houses – that is unless you involve an electric milk frother.

Best Runner-Up: Still A Good Option

Milk Frothers: A Buyer’s Guide For 2022

Many coffee machines for home use now come with milk frothers attached. However, you can purchase separate systems which can help to create that perfect, barista-style layer on top of cappuccinos and more. You can purchase manual milk frothers, though, for the purpose of this guide, we will be looking at electric models.

Take a look at the essentials you need to bear in mind when comparing and contrasting milk furthers. What makes the perfect purchase? Do also take time to consider your budget. We’ll be covering plenty of ground, as well as answering a few common questions at the foot of this guide.

Why Buy a Milk Frother?

Anyone who loves a coffee shop coffee will know why. Milk frothers aren’t essential pieces of kit for everyone, but for those who love their drinks brewed to perfection, frothy milk on top is just part of the experience. For many drinkers, it’s sweet, it’s bubbly, and it’s an essential ingredient.

For a lot of people, the idea of being able to create shop-ready milk froth for coffees at home is an absolute dream. That’s why there is a large market for these systems already open, and why it’s a good idea to start considering what you need to look for.

As with all home tech, do also see what other people, verified buyers, have to say. These will also be like-minded people who enjoy frothed milk, and who see investing in these units as very much worthwhile.

Things to Bear in Mind

Not all milk frothers work from the same manual. It’s key to remember that different frothers will offer different results. Do also consider that some will have extra features and special add-ons. Let’s take time to consider the basics before you head out and buy your first frother.

Think About Your Favourite Drinks

Not all milk frothers are going to just offer up frothy milk. Some will warm it, others will let you add chocolate or flavoured powders, while some will go all-out on the bubbles. Others, too, will let you froth your milk faster, which means quicker results for the perfect drink.

If you’re serious about buying a milk frother, you should therefore think about what makes the perfect coffee for you. Think about what you’d order from a barista. What kind of drink frothing are you interested in bringing home? Don’t feel you have to go for an all-around option for the sake of simplicity.

Look at Capacity

This is perhaps the main area where milk furthers are going to differ. If you’re only likely to want to froth milk for yourself, you may do best with a smaller unit. If you’re making brews for lots of people at once, consider investing in a capacity which allows you to make more than one drink a go. Some frothers come kettle-sized, which should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Do You Need a Frother?

This is obviously going to be a question you’ll likely ask yourself before buying, but think about coffee makers and machines. Plenty of bigger models and comprehensive coffee units already allow you to froth milk as standard. Therefore, if you are considering buying an all-around unit anyway, you might save yourself some money.

There is, of course, still the argument that standalone frothers produce better results as it is all they are designed to do. However, the jury is very much still out. Make sure you compare and contrast what people say about frothers you may be interested in.

Time and Power

This is something you may have to read up on – unless you’re willing to trust marketing blurb. Some frothers are going to be quicker than others at getting the job done. Sometimes, you may even find that smaller units are quicker than larger ones, simply because they have less work to do. This doesn’t always follow, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Check out reviews and word of mouth on power, too. How much can your ideal frother handle? How much do you expect of it? At least, be willing to shop around for the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you put any money down on a milk frother, make sure to ask yourself a few questions while shopping and browsing. Here are a few of the most common we’ve rounded up for you.

What’s the Fascination with Milk Frothing?

It’s true that not everyone feels milk frothing to be essential to the coffee drinking experience. Thousands more, however, think otherwise! Frothed milk doesn’t just look good, it’s delicious – and it’s all part of creating authentic, continental drinks. The ability to do this at home is a big draw for many drinkers.

How Much Should I Pay for a Milk Frother?

Frothers on their own are generally very affordable. You’ll be able to pick one up online for anywhere between £10 and £50. However, you may save yourself some money by checking if your own coffee machine, if you have one, already offers this service.

Are Milk Frothers Easy to Clean?

Not necessarily, and it’s good to look into this. Some frothers are dishwasher-friendly, which is fantastic news – as getting milk cleaned out of a frothing pot isn’t always simple.


Milk frothing is more than just a trend or a quirk, it’s here to stay. With more and more people interested in recreating the coffee house experience from home, frothers are now a mainstay of kitchens across the UK. Take a look at what’s available online, and see what takes your fancy!