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When it comes to cutting, sanding and sawing, there is perhaps more choice out there now than ever before. Beyond this, power tools are growing ever more convenient for everyday use. It’s therefore likely going to be tricky for you to find the best fit for your project’s needs if you’re unsure what’s supposed to work best.

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Mini Circular Saw Buying Guide For 2022

Whether you are a DIY buff or someone who is just getting started with home or workshop projects, do always be ready and willing to take a look at mini versions of tools and implements available on the market.

Mini circular saws have quickly become some of the most popular twists on traditional power tools and systems available for home workshop users. But why do people invest in smaller versions of their favourite tools? There are plenty of reasons, and we will certainly explore them.

However, it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t ever discount mini saws on the grounds that they may not give you the power or accessibility you require. In fact, you may be surprised at just how capable some of these systems and tools can actually be!

In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about mini circular saws before you buy, as well as what to expect from them in the long run.

At the end of the guide, as always, we will run through a few frequently asked questions to help you with your wider shopping experience. Don’t buy anything until you’ve read our full guide on what to expect!

What is a Mini Circular Saw?

The name is, of course, probably going to be a big giveaway! However, it’s worth noting a few distinctions between standard and mini circular saws.

For example, mini saws are generally easier to handle and are more flexible than standard-sized tools, though there is a debate over whether or not they are as effective or as powerful.

For many people, the big trade-off is worth it – you’re investing in a smaller, more flexible tool which, while a little less powerful on the whole, is miles easier to use on more complex or tighter projects.

There is also much to be said for safety. As these saws are easier to handle on the whole, they are considered safer than bigger circular saws.

However, you will need to consider whether or not you need a larger saw or a model which is lighter and altogether more flexible. Some mini circular saws can cut through a variety of materials and items, however, this is not always a given.

You must also consider precision – you may find that bigger or more comprehensive saws are a little tighter on the cut.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features you’ll need to keep in mind when shopping around for mini circular saws for the first time.

Features to Look For

While it may seem as though mini circular saws do one or two jobs and aren’t particularly diverse, you’d be surprised at some of the differences which can separate big brands and specific models.

Take a look at the following when you’re shopping around for the first time:


As mentioned, not all mini circular saws are going to be able to cut everything. With that in mind, bear in mind that most systems will tell you what they can and can’t be used for before you buy.

Check out product marketing and make sure to read up on what other buyers have to say. The last thing you are going to need or want is a saw which simply won’t do what you expect of it.

A great way to account for flexibility, of course, is to take note of how many blades are provided as standard. A saw with many blades will be more flexible to handle a variety of different projects and materials.

Therefore, while the best saws don’t necessarily have the biggest blade selection, it is still something worth looking for.

Cut Depth

Of course, this is going to be something you should assess as standard. Different saws and types will cut to a variety of depths, which means you should be ready to make some comparisons while shopping. A good indicator of cutting depth, generally, is the size of the blades involved.

However, other factors can contribute to how deep a circular saw will go, so again, be sure to read up on what the product marketing and verified buyers tell you.


Naturally, mini circular saws should be easy to carry around and use. However, do look out for systems which have their own cases, which you can carry about with you from project to project with ease.

Portability is a must with mini tools, but if they don’t have a good carry case for storage and ease, you are likely going to be looking at a fairly awkward item to have to haul around with you. Luckily, most modern mini saws come with fancy cases as standard.

Do also look at corded and cordless models. Naturally, cordless models are going to be very easy to use, but you will need to ensure they are always charged up. You may also end up paying more for cordless systems, though if you feel it is worth the investment, you will likely find the options very cost-effective.

Lights and Guides

Some of the more impressive circular saws in the mini market can help to guide your way with ease. For example, some tools come fitted with a laser guide, letting you make cutting and sawing that little bit less awkward on the whole.

You can also buy saws which have LEDs built-in, which can help hugely if you’re cutting into dark or tricky areas. Perfect for tight nooks and crannies which are otherwise impossible to get at.

Power in Amps

Do always make a point of looking at how powerful your saw is before buying. Mini circular saws will generally offer between 2 and 6 amps of power, with 6 obviously being the more powerful end of the market.

Balance this with what you look for in terms of flexibility, and you should be able to find a fairly comprehensive, versatile mini circular saw. However, do be prepared to pay a little extra for the most power and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for mini circular saws for the first time, it’s likely that you will have plenty of questions! Therefore, do take a look at what we’ve gathered for you below as a guide.

How Much Do Mini Circular Saws Cost?

You will generally find capable, reasonably powerful mini saws retail anywhere between £40 and £70. However, do expect to pay more for added features and flexibility.

Beyond this, you will likely end up with fewer features and less support if you spend below the £40 bracket. Definitely compare and contrast what’s out there.

Is It Worth Investing in a Mini Circular Saw?

In many cases, yes. It all depends on whether or not you have complex or tight jobs you need extra access and support with. In some cases, mini saws can be less powerful and less accurate than their bigger cousins.

However, do make sure to ascertain exactly what you need a saw for, and consider which size of system is going to be most applicable to your given situation.

There is no point investing in a mini saw for the sake of it. They may be cheap, but do buy carefully.

Are Mini Circular Saws Safe to Use?

Providing you read the instructions carefully and take care during use, there’s no reason why these saws shouldn’t be considered safe to use.

In many cases, mini circular saws can actually be considered, especially as it means you have more control over your tool. Your own experience and preferences will vary in this regard, however.

What Are the Best Mini Circular Saws on the Market?

This really will vary depending on what you’re looking for from features, functionality, power and branding.

Good brands to look for include Bosch, Hychika and Meterk, all of whom have fantastic reviews for their mini circular saws online.

If you don’t trust the brand marketing, make sure to check out what reviewers and buyers of the products have to say about what they offer in practice.


You will likely be interested in buying a mini circular saw if, for example, you prefer portability and ease of use over power and precision.

There are a few trade-offs involved between mini and standard circular saws, which means it is always worth considering whether the jobs you need to do will be easier or more efficient to handle with traditional equipment.

Otherwise, a mini circular saw will make for a fantastic investment, especially if you have a variety of projects on the go.

Look for models with solid, verifiable reviews and scores, and those with plenty of blades and accessories to boot. Get out there and start shopping!

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