Best Mini Steppers In The UK

Getting fit at home has never been easier thanks to a world of wonderful gadgets.

Best Mini Stepper (May 2022)

However, how do you know which are necessarily best for you? If you’re the sort of person who loves jogging or racking up the steps on your pedometer, then you could get on well with a mini stepper.

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Mini Stepper Buying Guide For 2022

Stepping on your own, on the spot, can cause tension and strain after long periods. That’s why so many people choose to invest in steppers – as it not only works plenty of core groups but also protects you from any unnecessary fatigue or stress along the way.

Mini steppers are hugely popular with people who want to start getting fit from home, but who may not have a lot of time or the ability to go walking or jogging long distances.

For example, mini steppers are perfect for use in the home office, and for those people who may otherwise need to stay housebound for long periods.

However, it’s probably easy to assume that all mini steppers do the same thing. While the end goal and the exercise involved is obviously going to run common, you’ll find that there is actually a lot of variation along the way.

That’s why we’ve set up this buying guide for you! Take a look at all the essential facts you need to know about mini steppers, including the differences between models and how much you should pay.

Take a look at frequently asked questions about steppers at the end of the guide, too, for a little more lowdown.

What Do Mini Steppers Do?

Ultimately, mini steppers help to support you in aerobic workout. They are popular with people who want to increase the number of steps they do per day, and for those who want to lose weight.

Therefore, they are probably not recommended if you aim to bulk or gain muscle.

They are simple devices which may not be as complex or as diverse as some other big machines you may find at your local gym, but which are fantastic at really burning off the calories.

They work by supporting your legs and feet as you step up and down in an almost hydraulic motion. Another big selling point for a stepper is the fact that it is built to provide resistance.

This means you will likely get more back from your stepping in this manner than you would on your own, or through simple walking. This is why home exercisers prefer mini steppers. They can offer a fantastic way for you to start losing weight and getting healthier in a very quick amount of time.

Looking for results with minimal effort? A mini stepper will make you sweat, and really work for those calories, but at the same time, they are amazingly convenient.

Why Should I Buy a Mini Stepper?

There are plenty of great reasons to start thinking about investing in a mini stepping machine. For example, you may want to start exercising regularly, but have no way to get to the gym each day.

You may also want to save money on going to the gym full stop! A mini stepper is a convenient and easy way for people to start exercising in their own homes, straight out of the box.

Setting up is easy, as these systems won’t require much more than a quick glance at instructions before you get started.

There is also the matter of portability and storage. Mini steppers are famously portable and are therefore easy to pick up and move from room to room, which will therefore be welcome news to anyone interested in exercise, but with little space to hand.

Though small, these systems are very powerful, and can provide a lot of resistance! Even ten minutes of exercise could burn up to 100 calories. This will vary from person to person, of course, but it is a fantastic figure to be keeping in mind!

Mini steppers will do more than just burn off calories. They are great for toning and working muscle groups such as the hamstrings, the core, your glutes and your thighs.

They are therefore hugely popular with people who may be a little too keen to skip leg day at the gym! Impressively adaptable and packed with features, there’s every reason a mini stepper could revolutionise your exercise routine for the better.

Things to Look For

As mentioned, while all mini steppers do work to the same goals and do the same thing at the end of the day, different systems will appeal to different people.

It is not just the look and the price tag of a stepper which will vary! Here are just a few things you should be keeping in mind while shopping around, and certainly before you make any investments.

Size and Weight

As mentioned, most mini steppers are very easy to pick up and carry about, and are generally easy to store. However, not all models are so collapsible and mobile friendly.

Therefore, make sure to check the full specs and the weight of a unit before you buy. Read up on what users have to say to help influence your decision.

Resistance Bands

To add extra resistance to your workout, you may be interested in buying a stepper which is fitted with bands.

These will help you to not only work the lower half of your body, but to start bringing your upper body into the mix, too. Resistance bands and ropes help to diversify your workout, which is a great thing if you’re keen to get to the gym but may not be able to.

It could mean that you save time and space, too, when it comes to investing in alternative machines.


Many exercise enthusiasts will want to take full control of the stats of their workout. This means they will often want to buy machines which give them feedback via LCD.

Some steppers will let you know how long you have been stepping for, the number of reps you have done, and how many calories you have burned.

For people on calorie-intensive regimes, this is a must. Not all machines will come fitted with LCDs, so make sure to shop around if the stats are important to you.

Let’s Do The Twist

Some steppers come with an extra twist – no, really. Twisting steppers will let you work more than just the basic groups listed earlier on in our guide. These machines will allow you to engage more muscles than before, again, diversifying and enhancing your workout.

If you can find a twist stepper with bands or ropes attached, you will be looking at a fantastic workout with very little money and effort invested.

Frequently Asked Questions

As always, it’s time to consider some of the most commonly asked questions shoppers and buyers pose when looking around.

Some of these queries may apply to you – so do take a look and consider applying the answers to your shopping experience.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using a Mini Stepper?

Mini steppers provide plenty of great exercise to millions of people. However, those in search of an intensive exercise, or something a little more substantial, may wish to pay more for more advanced multi-gyms. Your own needs and wants may vary.

One of the big positives about mini steppers is the fact that you more or less get what you pay for. They are very simple, which is what helps to make them so appealing.

How Much Should I Pay For a Mini Stepper?

Mini steppers shouldn’t make too much of a dent in your bank balance. Good models with full LCDs will cost anywhere between £40 and £60. You may even find that there are some systems with resistance bands for even less.

Just remember that the less you pay, the more likely it is you will be missing out on the best features and support. This doesn’t always follow, but do be careful.

Are Steppers Good for Building Muscle?

In some cases, yes, but they are better suited for exercise regimes where the aim is to tone or to go lean. Building muscle and bulking can be difficult if you are bringing aerobic machines into the mix.

Steppers can really work your lower body, but they are more popularly used to burn calories and to help boost fitness levels. If you are more concerned with developing muscle, it may be worth looking at other equipment.


Mini steppers are slimline and convenient. They are easy to store, affordable to buy, and can really help to get you moving if you really don’t have much time in the day.

However, not all models and units are the same, which means it is time to start looking carefully at what’s available on the market. Use our guide as – well – a guide, but do follow what other users are saying, as well as what the marketing for your stepper tells you.

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