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If you’re handy with a few tools here and there, then it’s likely you probably have more than a few tools in your arsenal ready to go. However, have you ever considered a mitre saw before?

Best Mitre Saw (May 2022)

Fantastic for cutting precision angles through a variety of different materials, these saws are perfect for getting into wood, plastics and more at tight or complex angles.

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Mitre Saw Buying Guide For 2022

As with all DIY tools and saws in general, there are no two mitre saws which are ever quite the same. That’s why you should be looking at more than a few models when shopping around.

But how will you know what works best for you? Ultimately, it’s going to depend on what suits your projects the best, as well as what you find most comfortable.

Mitre saws are designed to give you greater comfort and flexibility during use than most saws, which means that you shouldn’t find it too difficult to get started. However, buying the right saw for your workshop is a different matter.

That’s why we’ve set up this buying guide as a great introduction to mitre saws for various purposes. When might you use a mitre saw? How much are you going to need to pay for the best models?

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers. In this guide, we will take a look at what’s available on the market, as well as what you’ll need to bear in mind while shopping around.

At the end of the guide, we will go a little deeper and look at some frequently asked questions to help you further.

Why Use a Mitre Saw?

There are many different occasions where using a mitre saw just makes sense. For example, you could be working with tight angles in wood and may need high-precision support to make sure everything joins together correctly.

What’s more, you’re going to need a clean, efficient blade. One which isn’t going to start jumping and jolting about at very little notice. Mitre saws are well-known for being precise as well as being remarkably speedy at the job.

With some saws, even some electric models, you’re not always guaranteed of an accurate cut. Some models rely on the user a lot to get cuts just perfect, and that ultimately is going to put a strain on things.

Even seasoned woodworkers and fabricators turn to mitre saws for fast results with next to no issues during finishing.

These saws pack a lot of power, too, which means if it’s a deep cut you need, you’re going to be looking in the right ballpark.

There are some drawbacks to using mitre saws, though these will revolve around your own circumstances as well as your preferences.

For example, mitre saws are commonly quite loud when powered on and ready to go. This means if you are sensitive to loud noise, always wear safety muffs.

What’s more, some mitre saws can be unwieldy – some, not all. It pays to shop around to find systems and models which are a little less cumbersome for your money.

Things to Look for in a Mitre Saw

There are plenty of buying factors you should keep in mind when shopping for a mitre saw the first time around.

Not all saws come in the same packaging or with the same power output. Take a close look at marketing for any products you shop for, and do also consider the opinions of those who have bought and used the saw(s) before.

You’ll be able to find these easily enough on Amazon, for example, as they will be listed as verified purchasers.

Here’s our pick of factors you’ll need to keep in mind when buying a mire saw for the first time.

Blade Depth

The vast majority of mitre saws will have cutting blades set to a specific length or depth. You’ll commonly find 10 inches or more on a common system, for example.

However, this can differ depending on what you intend to cut or saw through.

Therefore, make a point of checking blade lengths and seeing what verified users have to say. If you can, take a look at blades in public and measure them for yourself.


Your bevel is responsible for the tilting action of your saw. This means that, on a single bevel system, your saw will tilt one way for ease, while it will tilt both left and right on a double bevel basis.

Arguably, this helps to make things more accurate for complex cuts and custom work.


Some mitre saws have slide facilities built into the design. These allow you to manage and cut material easier than you would by hand. These are particularly useful when it comes to securing and manipulating whatever you choose to cut, and it also adds to the accuracy.

There’s a reason why mitre saws are considered some of the most accurate and most popular choices for DIY enthusiasts across the UK.

Dust Extraction

One drawback of using a mitre saw is the amount of dust that it can produce. Very fine dust, especially that which is invisible to the naked eye, can be potentially hazardous to your health if you breathe too much in.

Therefore, one of the best ways to protect against the type of dust is to install an extraction system.

Handily, you will find that many mitres saw systems come fitted with extractor ports and bags, meaning that you can easily and safely remove dust granules from the air as and when they are produced.

It’s always best to try and remove problems at the source, rather than having to struggle around with them later on.

Vision Support

It’s not always easy using a mitre saw for the first time! While these systems are very accurate by design, you should consider buying a saw which has built-in laser and LED support.

Both features allow you to see clearly where you are about to cut.

It is sometimes difficult to manipulate material and to make a concise cut if the angle is awkward, or if it is tricky to see properly under specific conditions and lighting. These aren’t essential features, but they will certainly help in the long run.

Size and Weight

As mentioned, many mitre saws are quite bulky by design. This isn’t a great thing if you are trying to get into tight corners and gaps. However, you may find that there are saws out there which offer a little more in the way of flexibility.

You won’t always have to pay through the nose for them, either. Just take a close look at the saws available online and be prepared to compare between them.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never used a mitre saw before, it makes sense that you have plenty of questions you’d like to ask. Here are just a few queries that buyers commonly ask while comparing models and units online.

Why Do People Buy Mitre Saws?

Mitre saws are regarded as some of the most convenient, efficient and accurate saws of their kind. They are preferred by users who need to cut at tight angles, and who may otherwise struggle with manual saws or less capable systems.

Mitre saws aren’t everyone’s cup of tea for a few reasons, but we’ve covered those in a little more detail above.

How Much Do Mitre Saws Cost?

You’ll find mitre saws at their cheapest at around £50-£70. However, some of the more feature-heavy models, and those which are particularly robust, will retail at £200 or more. Take a close look at what’s out there and consider your investment very wisely indeed!

When Might I Need a Mitre Saw?

It’s safe to say that mitre saws work very well indeed with very specific projects. For example, a mitre saw is fantastic at helping to cut through and around complex designs and blueprints.

When normal saws and even circular saws won’t help you get at the angles you need to cut at, a mitre saw will do all of the hard work for you.

However, mitre saws generally aren’t worth looking at if you want to keep noise low, or if you need a system which is lightweight to carry around with ease. Once again, verified reviews are your friends. Read up to see what people have to say about the saws you are comparing, and take things from there.


Mitre saws are fantastic assets in all kinds of fabrication and work. However, they are not always seen as essential pieces of kit for everyone. That’s because they fit a very specific type of project and purpose. Chances are, if you need a mitre saw, you will already know of the fact.

Take a look at what’s out there and read up on what people have to say. Set a fair budget, and be prepared to weigh up pros and cons. A mitre saw can be a great asset to any toolbox – so dive in and start comparing and contrasting.

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