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When the weather is sunny, mild, or just plain reasonable, it makes sense to get out and about.

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Picnicking is something of a British pastime, though people all over the world head out into the rolling countryside to place down for a spot of lunch.

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Picnic Backpack Buying Guide For 2022

Picnics are popular with families, couples and even solo travellers alike. Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to get out and about and to break for something to eat, without having to invest money at a fast food place or somewhere extortionate.

However, the way we carry our picnic food and drink with us has changed hugely over the years. Picnic baskets do still exist outside of the world of Yogi Bear cartoons, but the fact is, they are no longer as practical as they once were.

Active picnickers want to be able to carry all of their utensils and accoutrements with them without hassle. The quickest and easiest way to go about carrying a picnic, therefore, is to place it all on your back.

But will a run of the mill backpack do enough? Sometimes. However, if you are the sort of person who walks, hikes and travels a lot, and who mainly uses a backpack or rucksack to carry picnics around in, it makes sense to look for a pack or a bag which is built for all your general items.

In this buying guide, we will take a look at everything you need to know about buying picnic backpacks. What types and sizes are there? How much should you be paying? Let’s find out – and stick around for some answers to frequently asked questions at the end of the guide.

Why Buy a Picnic Backpack?

Obviously, it stands to reason that you would only ever invest in a picnic backpack if you are likely to go picnicking!

If you have already struggled to carry glasses, cutlery, tableware and food with you in the past, and you’re likely to pitch up for lunch in the wilderness again soon, it will be worth taking a look at the specialised backpacks available to you.

Picnics can be great fun for families and are also extremely romantic trips out for couples. They are also hugely convenient. Why spend so much time and money buying overpriced sandwiches at a service station when you can bring food and drink you love from home?

A picnic backpack will generally be fitted with various compartments and pockets for you to easily store and sort all of your usual picnic attire. For example, some will come with straps for you to tie blankets in place, while others will have special compartments for bottles and glassware.

The best picnic backpacks are those which offer amazing convenience without the need for you to go rooting around in a panic.

However, not all picnic backpacks are the same. As you start shopping around, you will find that some are more expensive than others, while some will offer more features and functionality. Therefore, you should always shop around and listen to what users have to say.

Things to Bear in Mind

Rather than just buy any old backpack outright, do be discerning when it comes to the right backpack for you.

You will need to find a system which will easily store and carry your usual items and which will protect delicate ware such as glass and cutlery while moving around.

You should also consider your own comfort, too! Here are just a few points to consider while looking around at various backpacks for sale, purely for picnicking purposes.

Bag Sizes

Immediately it’s likely you’ll notice that picnic backpacks are split into different ranges as a result of the amount that they can hold. Some picnic backpacks are built for four people, others are smaller and are ideal for a couple of travellers.

You may even find some models which are even bigger, which are naturally designed for bigger families and groups who adventure out a lot.

Make sure to go for a size that’s too big, rather than too small. Otherwise, you may find yourself in something of a sticky spot further down the line.

Bag Weight and Comfort

Of course, you should also consider the weight of a bag on your back. The bigger or more complex a bag is, of course, the heavier it is going to be. It’s simple science!

Consider your own needs. If you’re not sure how much you can feasibly carry at any one time, make sure to look at what other people have to say.

Take a look at backpacks which are designed with ergonomic comfort in mind, not just simple practicality. You shouldn’t always have to pay extra for the most comfortable bags, but don’t be afraid to look closely at what higher-priced options have to offer you.

For extra comfort, try looking for picnic backpacks which have built-in straps which are comfortably padded.


Of course, you should also be thinking about compartments. This is one of the biggest draws of a picnic backpack! Look for bags with special sections for wine bottles, glasses, and cutlery.

You may be able to buy a backpack with insulated sleeves and pockets, too. These will help you to keep certain food tasting great after a long journey.

You should also look at options for keeping bottles and flasks warm, too. These aren’t always a given, but many backpacks will support such a need.

Security and Durability

It stands to reason that you will be looking for sturdy backpacks which will carry everything you need without the risk of items getting damaged or lost. Make sure to buy a backpack with strong, sturdy zips and pockets which are impenetrable.

Most backpacks will advise that they are the sturdiest and most reliable on the market – but depending on what you are going to use a backpack for, certainly in terms of the lengths of your adventures – it is worth asking fellow picnickers for advice. And why not?

Built-in Blankets

Some picnic backpacks have blankets ready for you to use, which can be a big help to anyone who needs to kit up for picnics as well as invest in a new bag.

This may not be an essential feature, but it’s at least nice that some bags include added features and accessories for ease of use. If you haven’t stocked up on picnic gear already, make sure to look for backpacks with plenty built-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time to look at a few frequently asked queries which backpack buyers are likely to pose when shopping around. Who knows – you may find that some of these concerns apply to you! Take a look and see what you can learn.

How Much Should I Pay for a Picnic Backpack?

Picnic backpack prices can and will vary depending on the features you are looking for. It’s safe to say that bigger, more feature-rich backpacks will cost more, but that’s not to say you can’t find a good bargain every once in a while.

You may pay as little as £20-£30 for the simplest backpacks, however, more extensive and stylish systems will cost you anywhere between £50-£60 and up. It’s a small price to pay, ultimately, for ease of portability and for overall convenience.

Should I Just Use a Normal Backpack for Picnics?

The problem with using standard backpacks for picnicking is the fact that they have not been designed for specific use.

While outdoor backpacks and those built for hiking and rambling are fantastic and sturdy, they do not have any of the specific pockets and linings that picnic bags come designed with.

For that reason, it may be worth investing in a picnic-ready model. These backpacks will protect sensitive items and will also help to keep food safe and fresh. There is no guarantee of that with a general backpack.

Should I Buy a Picnic Backpack Even if I Don’t Picnic A Lot?

Even if you only go on occasional picnics, it may be worth investing in a special backpack for ease of use.

If picnicking is something which you do sparingly, you will still notice the benefits over having to pack a standard bag every time to head out.

Consider the options available to you, and whether or not it will be worth your money making such a purchase.


Picnic backpacks may not be as new-fangled as they may seem, but they are still amazing modern standards for the average family or couple looking to get out and about.

If you need somewhere safe and secure to store your food and cutlery while en route, make sure to invest in a reliable, durable bag which is comfortable to carry with you across hilly terrains and flat plains alike.

As always, read up on what other people say, and find an option which is cost-effective and attractive to your needs and requirements. You’ll find yourself the perfect backpack for picnics in no time at all!

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