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There are many different ways for you to cool down during warm weather. For many households and offices, however, an air conditioning system or air cooler can often help to provide immense relief from heatwaves and muggy days.

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But what should you be looking for from a portable air cooler? Are they more beneficial to invest in than a full A/C unit?

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Portable Air Cooler Buying Guide 2022

In this guide, we will look at everything you’ll need to consider when buying your first portable cooler. We’ll also answer a few commonly-asked questions buyers may want to ask along the way!

Why Buy a Portable Air Cooler?

While some homes opt for a full A/C installation, there are plenty of good reasons why you may want to consider setting up a portable unit.

• First of all, you will be paying much less for a portable unit. When buying a full air conditioner, you will have to pay for installation and upkeep, as well as extensive running costs.

• What’s more, there’s no need for any kind of installation with a portable cooler. You’ll be able to plug in and set your unit going as and when you need to.

• These units are also very easy to maintain and to fix if anything goes wrong. Portable air coolers will be provided with full operations manuals, and will also be covered by manufacturer guarantees at the very least.

• They are also very easy to transport and move around the home. The clue is in the name! They can be moved upstairs, downstairs, inside and out.

They are likely to be best suited for smaller rooms, however, they can provide plenty of relief for any living spaces in need of some cold, fresh air.

While you may prefer setting up an advanced A/C to cool down larger rooms, a portable unit is likely to be more cost and space sensitive.

If these are two factors which matter a lot to you, you should certainly think about shopping around or taking a closer look.

Features to Consider

As with any home appliance, there will be a number of features and factors that you need to bear in mind before you go ahead and buy a particular model outright.

Speeds and Settings

The more advanced air coolers will offer a wide range of speed settings and controls. This means you will be able to control the intensity of your cooling, and that you can easily turn things down a shade if you need to.

Cheaper models and units will likely only have one or two settings to pick from.

Tank Capacity

Air coolers work on an evaporative basis. This means that they will arrive with a water tank that will need to be regularly filled.

Larger models will likely cost more, however, you will spend less time having to go backwards and forwards in filling it up. There are also plenty of premium models which have filters to make cleaning and refilling nice and easy.

Noise Control

On the whole, evaporative air coolers work much more quietly than air conditioning units. However, depending on the technology involved, these units may still make plenty of noise when they are in use.

Some air coolers will make a point of advising you if a cooler offers quiet running. Do also read verified reviews to learn more.

Power and Energy

Some portable air coolers can be powered via AA batteries, while others will need to be plugged into a socket. Do also look carefully at energy consumption, especially if you are keen to plug into the mains.

Many air coolers are designed and manufactured to reserve as much power as possible. However, it is still the manufacturer’s job to let you know of power ratings. If they don’t add up to being particularly efficient, you may end up paying a lot in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

As always, there are probably going to be a few questions you may wish to ask before you buy a brand new air cooler! Here is our pick of the most common from buyers shopping around.

How Much Will a Portable Air Cooler Cost?

As with all technology, the more money you pay, the more features you’ll get. However, you can expect to pay anywhere between £20 and £100 for a good air cooler, either online or on the high street. Please note that these prices are obviously for portable units only – installed models will cost you much more.

Why Are Air Coolers Better Than Air Conditioners?

Many people prefer evaporative air coolers to standard A/C units. This is because they can be quieter, can consume less electricity, and are easier to fix and maintain.

They are also much easier to clean, and you can keep windows and doors open during use. It’s also much more eco-friendly to run an air cooler, as there’s lower CO2 emission involved.

What Size of Air Cooler Should I Buy?

To work out which air cooler size is most efficient for your space, you should take the main dimensions of your room, and multiply them by your air exchange time.

This refers to how many times the air in your room will be cycled through. Generally, an everyday room should be fine with air exchange of 20-30 per hour.

For example – if the total volume of your room is 200 metres cubed (width by length by height), and you multiply this by 20, you’ll get a figure of 4000.

This is your CMH, or cubic metres per hour.

Most air coolers will list their CMH to help you choose the right model size. If your CMH is 4000, a cooler offering less will not work efficiently for you.


Portable air coolers are much more energy-efficient than household fans or A/C units. They are also often much cheaper to run! However, as always, there is a world of choice. Take a look at popular models and do read verified reviews to get the full lowdown!


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