Grab A Bargain With These Shopping Trolleys

By shopping trolleys, we don’t mean those you can put a £1 coin in and wheel around with you while at the supermarket. We’re referring to your own personal, private bags on wheels, which help to make life extremely convenient for lots of people.

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Perhaps unfairly given the name ‘granny bags’ or ‘granny trolleys’, personal shopping trolleys can be used by people of all ages – and why not? There shouldn’t be any restrictions on what you can and can’t use to make your life that little bit easier.

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Shopping Trolley Buying Guide For 2022

Shopping trolleys are fantastically useful if you go to the shops on a regular basis, and if you do so on foot. Many people shop without the aid of a car, and that’s where something as nifty as a cart on wheels can come in.

These bags come in all shapes and sizes, and what’s more, you can even buy some with snazzy designs and extra features. A good shopping cart is one you can use in all weathers for a high volume of baggage.

In this buying guide, we’ll take a look at everything you’ll need to know about personal shopping trolleys before you buy. At the end of the guide, as always, we’ll run through some common queries and questions you may already be asking.

Why Buy a Shopping Trolley?

Your need for a shopping trolley is, of course, going to depend on your lifestyle, and your everyday experience. If you need to buy groceries and goods from the supermarket regularly, but don’t have access to a vehicle which can help you, it makes sense to look for a little bit of extra support.

Even the strongest amongst us will struggle with three or four shopping bags filled to the brim.

Shopping trolleys are great for taking the load off, and for making sure your groceries are well-protected.

Unlike standard shopping bags, these containers will stay robust up to a certain volume or weight, which means you can easily take home a week or two’s worth of shopping without worrying about it spilling all over the road.

Finally, a shopping trolley is fantastic for long distances. While you might be able to carry a couple of shopping bags if you only live a few doors down from the shops, it makes sense to opt for a trolley if you need to get the bus, or walk a mile or two.

For many people, it’s a stress and strain-saving piece of kit that makes all the daily difference.

Things to Bear in Mind

Believe it or not, not all shopping trolleys and wheelie carts are the same. Some will offer a certain amount of mobility, while others will vary in terms of capacity and strength.

If you already have a good idea of what you need and what to look for, we may be treading over familiar ground here. In any case, here are a few pointers you should be keeping in mind before you put any money down.

Strength and Volume

The strength and volume you’ll need from your shopping trolley are going to vary on your needs. Many shopping carts expand easily, making them deceptively lightweight but quick to pop up and take advantage of.

If you’re likely to be carting a lot of shopping backwards and forwards, make sure you check capacity and weight limits.


Not all shopping trolleys have the same number of wheels. You’ll come across some trolley bags which operate just fine on two. However, for extra stability and grip, it’s worth looking for as many as four wheels.

This is especially worth bearing in mind if you’re going to be carrying a lot of cargo at a time. Two wheels will be more than enough for light loads, but it can get to be a strain after a time.

Grips and Handles

If you’re going to be using your trolley a lot, or traversing long distances, you’ll need a bag that has a comfortable grip. This makes sense, as otherwise, you’re going to risk straining and blistering your hands in the bargain.

This is one of the main reasons why you’ll be avoiding everyday shopping bags, so why risk it all over again? Look at what reviewers and buyers have to say, and find yourself a shopping trolley that’s easy on the palms.


Not all shopping trolleys are built for monsoon season. Therefore, if you need a bag which is going to handle all weathers, make sure to look for waterproof design as an added feature.

Non-waterproof bags will, naturally, let rainwater seep through, and some can go mouldy quickly. Make a point of checking for this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the common queries shoppers ask when looking for trolleys.

How Much Should I Pay for a Shopping Trolley?

You can actually pick up a bag on wheels fairly cheaply. Inexpensive and still sturdy models will cost you as little as £15. Very basic bags will cost even less. For the highest capacity, waterproofing and for the best stability, be prepared to pay more than £20, and upwards of £30.

Why Should I Buy a Shopping Trolley?

No one likes having to struggle with big bags of shopping. To save straining yourself, invest in a good, solid shopping trolley or wheelie bag and take the stress off your hands. You can simply wheel your bag behind you as you walk.

Are Shopping Trollies Secure?

Some of the best shopping trolleys will let you securely zip up or fasten in the contents of your bag. Do look out for fastening types if you’re worried about security, as you may find that some cheaper models offer just a simple Velcro or flap solution, which might not do what you’re looking for.


Personal shopping trollies are fantastic help if you have to carry lots of things around with you while walking. Don’t have a car? Purchase a solid shopping trolley and take the strain off your body as you walk.