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There’s nothing quite like a good smoothie to get your day kick-started. A smoothie maker offers you everything you need to condense, pulp and mix up your favourite fruits and flavours into one delicious drink.

However, when looking for smoothie makers, there are actually a few distinctions you should be keeping in mind. For example, did you know that smoothie makers and blenders are actually two very different things?

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You should also be ready to consider some of the major features which come fitted to smoothie makers as standard. What sets the more expensive systems apart from the pack? Do you necessarily need to pay more for the best kit? Not always.

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Smoothie Maker Buying Guide For 2022

In this buying guide, we will take a close look at everything you’ll need to know about buying a smoothie maker for the first time. We’ll also make sure to run through some important questions and queries you may have to ask in the meantime.

Smoothie Makers: The Basics

Smoothie makers, ultimately, can be depended on to blend fruit, vegetables, nuts and more to create delicious drinks. Blenders are actually a lot more complex and offer many different features. The appeal in a smoothie maker is, first and foremost, the fact that it is so simple in design and in execution.

It is worth keeping in mind what you are likely to need a blending unit for – if you are just going to make smoothies, it will probably be most affordable and least hassle for you to get a dedicated system outright.

Smoothie makers will, on the whole, differ in terms of volume as well as power. Some makers will start at fairly low wattage, while others will extend into the thousands. The more power you play with, the quicker the results, and the more refined your drinks will be.

Generally, but not always, you will likely expect to pay more for extra power. Some of the most affordable, no-frills models will have minimal power and capability, so do keep this in mind.

Volume and capacity will only be an issue if you are likely to be cramming lots of ingredients into the mix. If you’re set on mixing up superfruit and superveg drinks, it’s likely you’re going to need a unit of a fair size.

Again, pricing may dictate that you pay more for bigger smoothie makers, but this doesn’t always follow. It is always worth looking around.

Other Things to Consider

That’s not all. Smoothie makers may seem simple, but many systems on the market arrive with a bevvy of features which may dictate what you buy. Let’s take a look at some of the features and factors which could sway your final choice, regardless of price.

Removable Jugs

There are plenty of smoothie makers out there now which let you detach directly from the power unit and drink your mix on the go. This is an attractive solution for anyone who is keen to cut down on washing up – and who doesn’t?

Some systems will otherwise let you remove a jug for easy pouring. This can be something of a premium feature, but more and more smoothie makers are offering this service.

Processing Features

While all good smoothie makers generally do the same thing, you may want to fine-tune the process. This means, with some models, you can choose to pulse or puree your mix as you see fit. This means that you get a great deal more control over your blending.

Sometimes it isn’t always the best idea to go all-out on pushing the mixing aspect, particularly if you have lots of tough or harder ingredients. Take your time and choose a system which lets you fine-tune the blending.

Ease of Cleaning

Generally, the cheaper or more basic your smoothie maker is, the tougher it will be to clean. The simplest of systems will require you to clean everything by hand. This isn’t always a problem, of course. However, there are plenty of smoothie makers out there which come with dishwasher-friendly parts.

This includes everything from the main jug to blades and everything in between. One of the biggest hassles of using a smoothie maker or blender is having to clean it. Therefore, why not take one extra problem off your plate?

Technological Advances

Believe it or not, you can buy some smoothie makers now which will connect to your phone via Bluetooth. But why? It’s actually a great way for you to measure your ingredients and to account for calories and sugar levels.

Some makers have scales which will connect wirelessly to an app to record weight data. You can then use this to fine-tune your smoothie enjoyment. Bizarre, but true! As always, this is a premium feature – so again, expect to pay a little extra.

Frequently Asked Questions

As always, let’s take a look at a few frequent questions and queries posed by smoothie maker aficionados.

How Much Should I Pay for a Smoothie Maker?

This really is going to vary depending on the features you want or need. For no-frills, simple systems, you can expect to pay anything as little as £30.

However, expect to pay £100 or more, rising upwards, for anything remotely advanced or technologically superior.

Are Smoothie Makers Healthy?

That all depends on what you put into them! Smoothies can contain a lot of sugar – natural or otherwise – and some smoothie makers will actually help you create healthy drinks that won’t over-sugar the mix.

Many makers will also come with recipe guides and drink ideas to help you get started, too.

Should I Buy a Blender or a Smoothie Maker?

Pound for pound, blenders generally offer more functionality as they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. For that reason, it’s best to think about what you’re likely going to use your mixer for.

If you just want smoothies, save your money and by a specialist smoothie maker.


Smoothie makers are fast and fun for putting together some wild and wonderful drinks. Why not take a look at what’s out there and see what buyers and users have to say?