The Best Table Saws In The UK

Most woodworking is going to need care and precision. Whether you are working with wood as a hobby, or for a living, you may already know how handy a table saw can be. These units can help you line up and secure wood before efficiently cutting and slicing to your exact specifications.

Best Table Saw (May 2022)

Table saws are designed to take a lot of the stress, strain and hassle out of simple sawing, which can be more than a little dangerous if not handled properly. But how do you know which table saws are the best for your money? It is always worth looking at leading manufacturers, and at what other buyers have to say.

Best Runner-Up: A Worthy Contender

Table Saws: A Buyer’s Guide For 2022

To get started, however, we have a full guide for you below on what to expect from table saw shopping. Read on for the full lowdown – and we have several common queries to answer at the foot of the guide, too.

Table Saw Types

There is no such thing as one table saw to fit all jobs. Therefore, you should be ready to look into some of the different types of saw tables you can buy online and on the high street.

Benchtop Saws

These table saws are perfect if you already have a workbench or stand. They will slide right into place and will still offer you complete control over your cutting. What’s more, these models tend to be more lightweight and portable than other table saws, which makes them ideal purchases for people who need to move around a lot.

Stand Table Saws

These models come fitted with a stand, and might otherwise be referred to as jobsite saws. These models are also impressively portable, as you can collapse their stands and wheels down when not in use. These saws are perfect for anyone who may not have the workbench space available.

You’ll also find similar models in contractor saws, which can be a lot bulkier and heavier. However, these are preferred by hobbyists and home users as they are extremely straightforward in design, and tend to be amongst the easiest to use on a regular basis.

Cabinet Saws

Cabinet saws are not suitable for portability, however, they often provide the most power, and the best precision. While you will always be purchasing a table saw for enhanced precision, a cabinet model will tick all of the right boxes for you without question. Professional woodworkers will generally lean towards cabinet models for the best possible results, though they can take some getting used to.

Thinking About Blades

The key element to any good table saw will be, of course, the blade. That’s why it’s so important to consider some of the factors which impact blade usability, dexterity, and power. Here are a few blade-related points you should think about.

• Blade sizes will vary. Many come fitted as 8-10 inches in diameter, though there are smaller and larger options available for specific projects.

• You should also consider the type of blade you wish to use. Rip blades, for example, can be useful for really tearing into wood, while removing a lot of dust and debris at the same time. Crosscut blades are recommended if you need finer, smoother cuts.

• Do also think about blade speed and adjustability. Blade RPM is important to bear in mind, as it should always be faster than that of the table saw itself. You’ll be able to spot these details clearly in product marketing. Adjustability and ease of use, too, is hugely important. Read user reviews and check online manuals for full disclosure.

Other Things to Consider

Whether it’s your first time buying a table saw or not, there are always going to be a few more features and factors you’ll need to bear in mind. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

Motor Power

The smaller the unit, the less power you are generally going to receive. Therefore, if you require a bigger motor, you should think about buying into a table saw that’s less portable. For some people, the trade-off is worth it.


Yes! You can now accessorise your table saw to your heart’s content. You can extend saws, add wheels, adjust table height and more besides. You should be able to find plenty of different table saw accessories and add-ons online, all of which aim to make things that little bit more accessible and functional.


Do also look for table saws which are designed with safety as focus. While anyone looking for a saw is going to want efficiency and power, you also need to make sure you are well-protected. When buying a table saw, you’re going to want a system which minimises kickback, and thus your chance of getting hurt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some common table saw queries people ask while shopping for the perfect product.

How Much Should I Pay for a Table Saw?

This is largely going to depend on the type of table saw you buy, and which features you feel are most important to you. You should be able to buy flexible, portable multi-purpose saws for around £100 online, though costs can escalate if you are in need of greater power or more functions.

Why Should I Buy a Table Saw?

Table saws offer you easier access to woodworking like never before. They are fitted with plenty of safety features, and they arrive in a variety of shapes, sizes and levels of power. It’s an efficient tool which hobbyists and professionals rely on all over the world. Even if you are only likely to take on a few jobs here and there, you should certainly consider upgrading and investing.


Table saws make light work of tough woodwork. While they may not be as essential or obvious investments to many people, those who have made the switch will likely tell you that it’s a wise purchase in terms of saving time and hassle. Take a look at what’s available online and compare buyer reviews!