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Are you taking your little ones on holiday with you? Maybe you simply need a safe and secure way to keep your baby with you while you embark on a long journey. Either way, you are going to need to invest in a reliable solution which can be easily transported and depended on if you do need to take your children with you.

Best Travel Cot (May 2022)

Travel cots are designed to be easy to set up and even easier to take with you. They are developed with child safety in mind, which means they should be at the top of your shopping list if you intend to take your baby with you when you next go away. But what exactly should you be looking for from travel cots?

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Travel Cots: A Buyer’s Guide For 2022

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to consider, and will also answer a few frequently asked questions shoppers regularly pose.

How Can Travel Cots Help?

Travel cots are fantastic for helping new parents to soothe their children while travelling to new places. A standard cot is simply far too big and unwieldy to take with you if you need to get from place to place. Therefore, travel cots are lightweight and are easily collapsible. This means that they can be put down for transportation, and easily popped back up again when you’ve reached your destination.

Travel cots can help to ensure your baby gets a safe, assured night’s sleep wherever you go. Some cots may even have playpen features, meaning they can offer a wealth of entertainment to little ones during busy periods. Ultimately, a travel cot is a good investment if you are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of your young children while you’re on the move. It’s also a very good buy if you regularly visit homes or properties which don’t have cot facilities available.

Things to Look For

Your needs may vary – for example, the age of your child and how quickly they’re growing – but there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind while shopping for the ideal travel cot. Here are a few of the major factors we think you should be looking at.

Room for Growth

As you probably know, babies will grow at an alarming rate! That’s why you shouldn’t ever be thinking about buying a travel cot that’s too small. Travel cots can differ in terms of size and shape. If you’re caring for a new-born or a very young child, you may wish to purchase a bassinette travel cot, or a cot which can be fitted with a bassinette insert.

This second option will, at least, allow you to switch out once your baby has outgrown it. You’ll be able to find travel cots which are recommended for certain age groups – it’s best to trust these markers as much as you can.

Ease of Setup

It’s likely that you’re going to want to get your travel cot set up as quickly and as easily as possible. Therefore, you should ideally be looking for models which will easily pop up just as easily as they flatten down.

Read verified reviews on how easy a travel cot is to assemble, or consult manufacturer guidelines or manuals directly. If assembly or setup seems like a hassle, you’re probably going to want to leave well alone.

Weight and Portability

If you’re likely to be carrying a travel cot around across long distances, you are obviously going to need to find a model which is relatively lightweight. Lighter cots should be around 3KG, though ones with more functionality will likely weigh more. You may find some models are car-friendly, and may even come with wheel attachments for easy transport. Your needs may vary, of course, so do bear these features in mind.

Mattress Inserts

You can even buy mattresses which will fit travel cots. These are recommended for maximum comfort for your baby. However, these will often cost more money and will add a lot more onto the weight of what you’re carrying around. Therefore, do make sure you think about this option carefully. This is an add-on that not everyone will opt for, but it’s worth making sure your baby is always comfortable and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a little bit of time to ask some FAQs – what are other travel cot shoppers saying about these products in general?

How Much Should I Pay for a Travel Cot?

Depending on the features you’d like, such as playpen accessories, you may expect to pay as much as £100 or more. However, you will generally find affordable, lightweight models for as little as £30-£40 online, and on the high street.

Can Travel Cots Protect Against Bugs?

Yes. Some travel cots will come fitted with special netting which can keep out flies, wasps and mosquitoes. This will be especially useful during warmer months, and/or if you are going to travel to more exotic climates.

Are Travel Cots Easy to Clean?

Many are – some models will come fitted with covers that can be put through the washing machine, while others will simply be easy to wipe down as and when necessary. The best way to check for this is to read verified reviews and to see what the general marketing for a cot advises.

Will I Need Wheels?

Not necessarily. Many travel cots are fitted with wheels so that they can be easily transported and, where necessary, moved around a room at short notice. For many parents, this feature can be very handy indeed. However, it’s not a necessity, and it can help to increase the price of some models. What’s more, it will obviously add to the overall weight of the item, which is important to think about when travelling.


Travel cots are fantastically versatile and useful for travelling from house to house, or fro when you’re going away on holiday. Take a look at what’s online and at specialist retailers, and think about your baby’s comfort and safety as a priority!