Best Vacuums For Removing Pet Hair

Anyone who has pets will already know that, in many cases, hair and fur can be a bit of a nightmare.

Unless you own a breed of dog or cat which is unlikely to shed a lot, you probably have to do plenty of cleaning up vacuuming to make sure your carpets, furnishings and clothes are free from fuzzy clumps and strands!

It’s a daily struggle for many people, but then our four-legged friends are always worth the extra little bit of work – we think so, anyway!

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair (May 2022)

Best Runner-Up: Good Value Option

Vacuum For Pet Hair Buying Guide For 2022

In many cases, it’s worth looking for a vacuum cleaner which is built to handle pet hair of all kinds. Pet hair is, unfortunately, not like human hair or other debris which can be easily sucked up and disposed of.

Dog and cat fur can be notoriously thick and troublesome to manage, and when it is left to build up and get ground-in to fabrics and carpets, it can be a real pain to try and get out.

You can only vacuum so much – and sometimes, it may feel as though you have to clean up two or three times a day to make sure everything is slick and span!

In this buying guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about buying a pet hair vacuum for the first time. This breakdown is here to help you understand and appreciate what the best systems have to offer, as well as what may be available within your budget.

At the end of the guide, as always, we will break down a few common questions and concerns buyers have about vacuums for pet hair. Is it necessarily worth you making the investment? Take a read and find out for yourself!

Why Buy a Pet Hair Vacuum?

There is still something of a divide out there when it comes to whether or not pet-friendly vacuums are actually worth the money. However, you only have to speak to seasoned pet owners to understand whether or not your money is being well-spent or not!

Anyone who has owned a long-haired cat or dog will have tried sucking up and cleaning shedding from season to season with a normal vacuum. In many cases, these systems simply don’t do enough to get everything picked up and disposed of.

The fact is, many different vacuum systems are only built for general, everyday use. They aren’t designed with pet hair in mind. One of the huge benefits in a pet hair vacuum is the fact that it is specifically designed to suck up tough hair and to provide advanced filtration.

This is particularly useful if you or friends and family members suffer from pet allergies, as you can get hair up and out of the atmosphere as soon as physically possible.

Above all, pet vacuum cleaners are recommended when it comes to extra suction and added filtration. They, unlike some standard vacuum cleaners, are built o process and handle hair which can get stuck and clog easily.

Hair is a nightmare to clean up if it’s scattered about in random clumps and piles! Therefore, do be ready to invest in a pet hair vacuum if this hassle is already making you tear your own hair out.

What Should You Look For?

Not all pet hair vacuums are quite the same, which means there are going to be a few things you should think about comparing. Let’s break down a few of the essentials, or at least some of the most attractive features and functions of pet cleaners on the market right now.

Great Filtration

One of the main reasons people invest in pet hair vacuums is for the filters that come built-in. Standard cleaners simply can’t filter out big clumps of hair properly, on the whole. This means anyone with allergies or breathing problems are always going to be at risk. Look for a system with HEPA filtration, if you can, as it’s seen as the leading, healthy standard.

Added Features and Tools

Many pet hair vacuums come fitted with extra tools and widgets which you can use to refine your cleaning regimen. For example, some will allow you to contour around your furnishings, meaning that you get into tight nooks and crannies to make sure all loose fur is safely sucked up and dealt with.

Other tools, such as an agitator, or a multi-function option, will help you pick up and remove the most stubborn of hair and fur, meaning that while you already get enhanced suction and filtration, there’s added flexibility, too.

Ease of Manoeuvre

This is a big concern for most people who use vacuum cleaners regularly, but it really will apply to those who need to suck up and remove pet hair each day, or several times a day! With this in mind, it is well worth looking for a unit which is flexible to move around, and which will help you get into tight corners.

As all pet owners know, cats and dogs have a habit of getting deep into a variety of tight spots, and you’re going to need to vacuum deep to get everything up and moving.

Power and Suction

This, naturally, is a major selling point for most pet vacuum cleaners. It is, after all, what sets these systems apart from traditional cleaners. Therefore, you’re going to need to look for CFM, which measures suction power. The higher the number, the tougher the vacuum will be on pet hair.

However, air watts, or AW, are also worth looking for. These statistics, in combo, will help you judge how powerful or effective a system will be in practice. As always, read up on what other users have to say, too.

Bag Systems

Choosing between bagged and bagless systems can apply to standard vacuum cleaners, too. However, the balance is a little different when it comes to sucking up pet hair. For one thing, a bagged system is going to remove allergens and hair from the air better than a bagless system might.

However, these systems are likely going to cost you more money, and you’ll also have the hassle of having to buy and replace bags along the way, too. Keep it in mind while you’re shopping around.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s that time again – let’s take a look at what everyday buyers have to say about pet hair vacuums when it comes to shopping around.

Do I Really Need a Pet Hair Vacuum?

You may already know the answer to this question! If your cats or dogs shed a lot, and it is already a hassle for you to pick up their leavings, you’re probably going to want a vacuum system that can handle more than your everyday model.

Pet vacuum cleaners are tougher, more powerful, and generally healthier to use.

How Much Should I Pay for a Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner?

You may be able to buy handheld systems for as little as £40-£60. However, it’s worth looking for some of the more expensive options if you need some of the enhanced features and tools mentioned in our guide above.

Generally, you can expect to pay over £200 for an exceptional cleaner. For plenty of people, this may be enough of an investment, especially as it will cut down hours of work for you in the bargain. Do make sure to shop around.

What Are Some of the Best Brands to Look For?

There are plenty of leading brands in the world of pet hair vacuum cleaners. Of course, the big household name is Hoover, though Dyson, Bissell and Shark are all huge brands you should be keeping an eye on.

Shark, in particular, is a modern brand which is picking up rave reviews online. However, there’s nothing to say you won’t find a great-quality system from a lesser-known brand for less money. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a risk.

Can Standard Vacuum Cleaners Handle Pet Hair?

Yes! Many can – in fact, it may be more cost-effective for some homes to invest in all-around models which are powerful enough for all floors, carpets and furnishings.

Top 8 Best Pet Hair Vacuums – Plus Buying Guide

You’re going to need to look for power and suction, as mentioned, through the CFM and AW statistics you’ll find online or in product marketing.

You may simply need to upgrade your current vacuum to something a little more powerful and capable – in which case, do keep your options open, as well as your mind.

What Do I Do if My Pets Shed Everywhere?

You’ll need to find a pet hair vacuum which is suitable for all floors, surfaces and carpets. Therefore, make sure to check what the systems you compare are best for use on. Again, verified buyer reviewers are your friends!


We love our furry friends – however, they can shed a lot, and that can be a hassle to handle on a daily basis, especially if you or your loved ones are allergic to the fur!

Take a look at pet hair vacuums which will help to filter out the air and get that ground-in hair up and off your soft furnishings in no time.